My Babies

First Born {SOOC}DSC_0374

The Baby {SOOC}DSC_0373

Their eyes really are that blue. 😉




and I have a love/hate relationship.


I love them because I don’t have to go to work.

I *hate* them because I usually have to go grocery shopping. Continue reading


Somewhere I read that it was supposed to be 60* today. Ha! I swear my iPhone weather  changes every minute. I have got to stop relying on that thing. 😉DSC_1889//^Elijah is obviously thrilled!^^^//

Today I planned an adventure. And every time I tell Elijah we are going on one, he worries that this is going to happen again. #momfail #scaredofbeesforlife #heloveshoneythough #irony #illstopnow

I grew up in Monument, CO and we lived on and near a bunch of land that I used roam upon {without fear} through out my childhood. I think my time exploring laid the foundation for my love of nature. Being outside, exploring, hiking, doing really anything {besides raking pine needles…} truly refreshes my soul. I even take the back roads to work these days because I pass along some open fields and clusters of trees instead of grocery stores and stop lights.

Nevertheless, my children happen to think that going “out” means a trip to Target or Walmart or Kohls. I feel sad about that. They don’t really have what I had {and still miss}. Therefore I am trying to make a conscious effort to give them opportunities to explore the world. We don’t exactly live close to the mountains anymore {they are more than an hour away} so today we paid $9 to go to a local state park. Continue reading

Just the two of them…

Ella & Elijah are quite the pair these days.

Sometimes I ask myself, “how did you get so lucky?!” And other times, I want to pull my hair out and beg for one moment of silence.

They love each other, for sure. But they also drive one another other CRAZY. She plays with a toy and Elijah automatically things it is his. He is building something and she wants nothing more than to destroy it. There is screaming and crying and the daily chant of “it’s mine!”


They are really just the most precious little people. He still calls her sweetie and sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or Jesus Loves Me to her when she cries. She has started saying his name and loves to follow him around.

Since Ella was born I have been trying SO HARD to capture the perfect sibling picture. And now that I have a photography business, I find myself having less and less time to write {on here} and capture my sweet little ones. I also don’t have much time to practice anymore. So all of those variables prompted me to start my own photography project–Ella & Elijah. I know…I am SO original! 😉

Basically I want to capture the two of them together at least once a week. I started two weeks ago and have some really great pictures to share. I hope to challenge myself more but right now this is all I can seem to fit in.

I just love these two.

Sept Continue reading


They have each other. To grow up with. To play with. To pester one another. It is such a beautiful {& challenging} relationship to watch unfold. I wish there were guarantees that they would be close when they are older. But all we have is now, right? And right now they are buddies {except when Ella touches Buzz Lightyear}.

Elijah is very possessive over Ella–“she is MY Ella!” He loves to climb in her crib and play. He HATES it when she plays with his toys. He can make her laugh so easily. They are so different yet SO related. These pictures certainly capture some of their genetic similarities. Wow!DSC_0195

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