Somewhere I read that it was supposed to be 60* today. Ha! I swear my iPhone weather ┬áchanges every minute. I have got to stop relying on that thing. ­čśëDSC_1889//^Elijah is obviously thrilled!^^^//

Today I planned an adventure. And every time I tell Elijah we are going on one, he worries that this is going to happen again. #momfail #scaredofbeesforlife #heloveshoneythough #irony #illstopnow

I grew up in Monument, CO and we lived on and near a bunch of land that I used roam upon {without fear} through out my childhood. I think my time exploring laid the foundation for my love of nature. Being outside, exploring, hiking, doing really anything {besides raking pine needles…} truly refreshes my soul. I even take the back roads to work these days because I pass along some open fields and clusters of trees instead of grocery stores and stop lights.

Nevertheless, my children happen to think that going “out” means a trip to Target or Walmart or Kohls. I feel sad about that. They don’t really have what I had {and still miss}. Therefore I am trying to make a conscious effort to give them opportunities to explore the world. We don’t exactly live close to the mountains anymore {they are more than an hour away} so today we paid $9 to go to a local state park. Continue reading


3 {random} things


1.) David takes Elijah and Ella to daycare when I work. On this particular day he dressed them both in their Fourth of July outfits without knowing it. I suppose I should call it their dress rehearsal. Who else, besides me, loves that he put a head band on Ella?

2.) These grilled fish tacos were TO.DIE.FOR. I had been craving fish tacos for awhile {what???} and found this awesome recipe. ┬áTry it. You won’t be disappointed.

3.) David and I went to see a concert at Red Rocks {for the first time!} with my sister {in-law}, her boyfriend and my mother-in-law. We had so much fun with them and the venue was amazing. If you have never been there…you must go. Definitely worthy of anyone’s bucket list!

What have you all been up to lately? Please do share and make sure it’s something random. ­čÖé

Playing Hooky

David and I couldn’t remember the last time we had a date {by ourselves} in over 5 months. We are so thankful to have family that is more than willing to watch our kiddos but we usually end up taking Ella with us or using the free time to hang out with our friends. So when the doctor I work with scheduled a vacation for the week before Christmas, I had a couple options: Continue reading