Somewhere I read that it was supposed to be 60* today. Ha! I swear my iPhone weather  changes every minute. I have got to stop relying on that thing. 😉DSC_1889//^Elijah is obviously thrilled!^^^//

Today I planned an adventure. And every time I tell Elijah we are going on one, he worries that this is going to happen again. #momfail #scaredofbeesforlife #heloveshoneythough #irony #illstopnow

I grew up in Monument, CO and we lived on and near a bunch of land that I used roam upon {without fear} through out my childhood. I think my time exploring laid the foundation for my love of nature. Being outside, exploring, hiking, doing really anything {besides raking pine needles…} truly refreshes my soul. I even take the back roads to work these days because I pass along some open fields and clusters of trees instead of grocery stores and stop lights.

Nevertheless, my children happen to think that going “out” means a trip to Target or Walmart or Kohls. I feel sad about that. They don’t really have what I had {and still miss}. Therefore I am trying to make a conscious effort to give them opportunities to explore the world. We don’t exactly live close to the mountains anymore {they are more than an hour away} so today we paid $9 to go to a local state park. Continue reading


the weather man was right…

We got our second blizzard of 2013 this past weekend. And by blizzard I mean, it snowed all. day. long. and it was crazy windy. On Saturday, David had to shovel our driveway three times just to keep up with it. Thankfully though, the sun came out on Sunday and melted what snow had fallen during the night so he didn’t have to go out again.

If you have little kids then you know how much they love to get dressed up, go outside and ‘play’ in the snow for approximately 5 minutes!

Family Snow Day Collage

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Praying for rain

I {heart} Colorado Springs.

It is just south of the town I grew up in and also the place that I went to college. David and I met there, had our first home there and still frequently travel there to see many of our family members. It truly is one of the most dear places in my heart and is currently on fire. 

The area of the fire just so happens to be burning the part of town that I have lived in. When my mom and I first moved there we lived in an area of the evacuation; when she got remarried we moved to another area in the evacuation; and then when David and I got married, our town home was in the area of the evacuation. As I watch the news, I see people’s homes going up in flames that I used to run by quite often and places I used to shop, eat and hike. It’s just sad. Yet, I know that my nostalgia pales in comparison to what 32,000 people along with over 800 firefighters are experiencing first-hand.

Today I got the sweetest email from my old church (of 10,000+ members). The pastor recognized that our {now old} address was in the area affected by the fire. He was reaching out to say that the church is there to help and cares about us. Now I know that we don’t live there anymore but it still brought tears to my eyes. I am thankful that those who live in the city I so dearly love have people already jumping to help. 

I continue to sit in my nice, overly air-conditioned, {currently messy} house praying and pleading with God to send a gentle, peaceful rain upon the city. Windy thunder storms will not be helpful.  It needs a sweet cleansing rain that only God can bring. Will you also take a moment to ask God for this? He most certainly will hear us.

Thank you.

Love at first taste

It’s Fall, right?

I only ask because I am getting a bit confused. I went to a outdoor mall the other day and all the street lights were decorated with garland for Christmas. Then I went to Costco and Elijah had the starring at all the toys and Christmas trees. And to top it all off, Colorado has blessed us with two huge snow storms in two weeks. It’s getting pretty difficult around these parts to not play some…I won’t say it…ok I will…Christmas music!

In order to thwart any premature holiday cravings {Chick-fil-A Peppermint Milkshake anyone?}, I decided today was the day to introduce Elijah to snow.

Now, he has seen it and touched it before but he has never PLAYED in it. And to any Colorado kid, it is the delight of winter! Not only is it great for sledding, building forts and hurting the bad guys {I’m talking snow balls people}, it gives you free days off from school!

Here are his thoughts:

“I look AWESOME in my Moose hat. Where is the oven so I can see my reflection?”

“Boy, this stuff sure is hard to walk through.”

“I will just take a seat over here thankyouverymuch.”

“I am a little hungry…maybe I can eat it.”

“This stuff is Ahhh-mazing!”

“I will eat my dinner every night and not decorate Turbo with my food if you serve me this stuff.”

A few things to note:

1.) He is wearing his snow suit from last year. Size: 9 mo. Why don’t they make snow suits for 18 mo. olds? Do the retail gods seriously think that I need to buy boots, gloves, pants and a jacket for a little boy who grows like a weed? These are so much easier and apparently able to be stretched an extra 8 months. 🙂

2.) Elijah picked out the moose hat himself. He HATES hats. Loathes them entirely. But he saw that dapper reflection of his in the mirror at Target and was hooked.  p.s. I love it too.

3.) He kept saying “Hot! Hot!” every time he would touch the snow. I thought he understood that “hot!” is for hot things but it is now clear to me that he uses “hot!” for any change in temperature. Funny kid.

3.) Why all the black and white you ask? Well, I got a little crazy with the aperature settings when I was shooting the pics. I have been trying to shoot in manual and apparently I don’t know the secret for getting good pics in the snow. Anyone have tips?

4.) After all the picture taking, it was time to have some fun. Snowmen = fun. So we I built one:He has raisins for eyes, a carrot nose and bell pepper smile.

However, Elijah wasn’t too fond of the new addition to our family. It was lunch time and I wouldn’t let him eat the eyes. Turbo was also upset. He thinks carrots are dog treats. So, I am pretty sure he will be using the little guy as bathroom when I am not looking. But maybe Mr. Snowman will look good in yellow.

Happy Winter Fall everyone!

*B* is for Butterfly

David and I both had the same day off this week and decided that it was a great opportunity to do our  Go. See. Do. *B* activity. We both love the Botanical Gardens but we went there together last year. We thought it would be fun to go tour the Boulder Ice Cream Factory {and get some free samples, yum!} but they won’t allow children under 5. E was coming with us so decided to do something a little more kid friendly.

*The Butterfly Pavilion*

We went during the week so it wasn’t very busy. There were lots of things to look at and learn about other than butterflies. Like giant beetles, hairy tarantulas, cockroaches, bees, starfish, crabs and other things that I don’t remember. E wasn’t interested in that stuff {because he clearly can’t read or understand it all}. But once we got inside the butterfly room, this is what he and David looked like most of the time:

The butterflies were very pretty and there were so many different ones.

We even got to watch some new ones being released:

Elijah really seemed to enjoy looking at the new scenery.

This was taken right before he tried to put the butterfly in his mouth. Poor butterfly!

And of course we had to get a family picture:

And here is a cute one of E playing in the spider web that they have for kids to climb on.

Look at those rosy cheeks!

As you can see we had a good time. It was only $17 for all of us to go and we probably spent 2 hours there. I am sure if E was older he would have had even more fun. It also didn’t hurt that it was a BEAUTIFUL, warm, sunny day. We even took a little walk around the pond nearby when we were finished.

Why not book a trip to…

I have lived in Colorado my ENTIRE life and I still love it. I love the mountains more than I love the ocean (I just heard all you beach lovers gasp! but yes it is true). I love the dryer climate over a humid one. I love that there are no giant bugs that I have to worry about. I love the 4 distinct seasons that we get to enjoy (yes, even the snow). I love that I don’t have to worry about Tornados (very often) or hurricanes, or flooding, or gigantic mudslides. I love that sun shines most of the year and that you can really see how blue God made the sky during the day and all the millions of stars at night. It’s wonderful to live here, trust me.

A few weeks ago one of you (who lives in another state) asked me about what part of Colorado is the prettiest to visit. It’s hard for me to narrow down one place I like the most so I thought I would share a few of my personal favorites.

1. Denver (where I currently live) :

Four major sports teams (Broncos {football}, Avalanche {hockey}, Rockies {baseball}, Nuggets {basketball}) , an amusement park, lots restaurants downtown, a great view, easy access to the mountains and lots of other places to visit (i.e the Mint, Denver Zoo, Museum of Nature and Science, Botanical Gardens, etc.) and several great parks)

2. Winter Park:

My favorite Ski Resort but there are lots of other great ones as well.

*photo from here

3. Pikes Peak (or really any 14er for that matter):

Mt. Bierstadt is one of the easiest to hike

If you can hike and aren’t too affected by the altitude then I recommend hiking one of the easier ones. Pike’s Peak is beautiful but a little too commercialized for me. If you can’t hike, it is great though because you can drive all the way to the top.

**photo from here

4. Colorado Springs (near where I grew up):

More great views and places to visit: the Royal Gorge (the Worlds Highest Suspension Bridge and a great place to go river rafting), Seven FallsGlen Erie Castle and Garden of the God’s).

*picture from here

5. Rocky Mountain National Park:

Great place to go hiking and camping

*picture from here

6. Blue Mesa Reservoir (near Grand Junction):

*photo from here

There are many more wonderful places to visit all over the State. If you are planning a trip don’t hesitate to ask me for even more suggestions that may fit you or your family.

Here is a rough map to show the different places in relation to one another:

Anyone else have a favorite state other than the one you live in? Have you ever visited Colorado? Do you prefer the beach or mountains? Don’t worry if you say beach, we can still be friends. 🙂