My Babies {4/52}

EEweek4-2 EEweek4

“Crafty Concentration” :: I like to buy the little wood crafts at Michaels for Elijah to paint. He really gets into it. We still have a bird house that we painted last year hanging on one of our Aspen trees. It’s green and orange paint is faded. The premises are vacant. I am not even sure if a little bird could even fit through it’s hole. I have to say that this new bird house’s colors are my favorite yet…I think they complement each other quiet nicely. And a certain little boy is insistent that we put some bird food in it before we hang it on a tree. I suppose it’s kind of like when a realtor encourages a homeowner to bake chocolate chip cookies before a showing…except not because I am not even sure if the prospective birdhouse dwellers could even smell the proverbial bird cookies through such a small opening. Nevertheless, the paint job is a darn good one. 😉

“Sleeping Beauty” :: Of course I would title Ella’s picture that, right? My girl is such a good little sleeper. I am SO thankful for that quality in her. She goes to bed at 730-ish and wakes up around 830-ish. Then she takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. She falls asleep easily and wakes up happy. It’s just the perfect combination. Oh, and she is one of those kiddos who you can actually transfer from the car to her bed during her nap. It’s truly a miracle. You know what else is a miracle? The blanket that she is sleeping with. It was mine when I was little. It still looks amazing AND I didn’t throw it away. I have a really bad habit of throwing/giving things away so that I am not even close to being a hoarder. But since the blanket somehow made it through…I can now listen to Ella talk about the animals that I remember studying when I was little. Priceless.


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