My Babies {3/52}

E&Eweek3-2 E&Eweek3

Elijah Michael::// This picture of my boy captures so much of our daily life. It’s somewhat a mess. He loves to wear his new Nike “golf ” shoes that are just really Nike shoes. He likes to use the stool in the corner to climb up on the counter to look for treats or access things he shouldn’t be touching. Several different toys are scattered around him. He isn’t really playing with any of them but if Ella even thinks about touching one then it is obviously the end of the world. Here he has put all the letters in order (somewhat) and is now intent on spelling his name.

Ella Lindsay::// She and Turbo have a unique relationship. Turbo usually hates his life when there are kids around. But I know that deep down in his 6 pound little body that he has a special place for Ella. Her sweetness has penetrated his heart… or maybe it is all the food she “drops” to him on a daily basis. Or maybe the handfuls of treats she gives to him while I am making dinner. Or even the way she asks where he is every morning. Or perhaps it is her concern for him when he goes outside and it is cold. Maybe Turbo only really knows… But whatever it is, he tolerates her grabbing and pulling and snuggling. She loves to pull on his paws so that he licks her. She loves to throw his toys around. She loves to squeeze him till he growls. And he keeps coming back for more. Just wait Turbo, someday, if Ella is anything like her mama, she will have you buckled in a baby stroller in no time. 🙂 


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