My Babies {2/52}

It is no secret that Elijah is a busy and inquisitive little guy. Finding toys that capture his attention for long periods of time can be a challenged. Then at Christmas one of his grandparents gave him a giant floor puzzle {a Doug and Melissa brand one}. The first time that we put it together, he was focused the entire time. He LOVED it. And then he loved it just as much every time we pulled it out after that. I think that he liked the challenge and the satisfaction he got when he figured it out. So for Valentine’s Day I got him another smaller puzzle and he loved that just as much. He woke up early in the morning to put it together in his bathroom {at 5 in the morning!}. He would let me work on the computer while he put it together {a true miracle}. I never really liked puzzles when I was younger but I have also found a new love for them. I  like the challenge but even more so, I like the quality time with my favorite little boy.


Ella loves milk.  Period. But she really only loves it one way…warm. And because she is my baby…we heat it a good 45 seconds in the microwave before giving it to her in one of two “Ella-approved” sippy cups. One of my favorite things to do is hold her while she drinks it, especially before she falls asleep. It reminds me of when she was a little baby. And now days, I find that her babyhood is slipping away more quickly than I would like. So I shall keep heating up her milk…until she leaves for college. 😉




One thought on “My Babies {2/52}

  1. Sweet Ali, you are an incredible mom to those precious children. Elijah is such a sweet boy, and yes he loves puzzles. When Grandma comes over, guess what we do?:) And Ella is a sweetie, Two little angels you have. It is so fun to hold Ella while she drinks her cup of Warm milk before bedtime.:) You and David are amazing parents and your children have such loving hearts for Jesus and for others. Love you lots

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