and I have a love/hate relationship.


I love them because I don’t have to go to work.

I *hate* them because I usually have to go grocery shopping.

I love them because I get another day with my babies.

I *hate* them because grocery shopping = Walmart.

I love them because I can get my life in order before the week starts.

I *hate* them because of Walmart.

Lets talk about that…

Walmart is the bane of my existence. It saves me money but I pay another price in the form of sheer torture. My sweet, loving little children automatically turn into temper-tantrum-throwing toddlers {that’s a lot of T’s for one sentence} once placed within the store. It’s true. And I hate every minute of it. And I feel like I cannot control them…not with cookies or goldfish or trips to the bathroom. They win every week. And David loses when I call him in tears. I even tried inviting Superman along with me last week to help me keep everything under control….


Unfortunately he just added to my stress.

I really wish that Walmart had these carts…


Look at those happy faces. But then, a second later this happened.


Maybe it really isn’t Walmart’s fault. Maybe it is all grocery stores. Or maybe we can just blame their mother. 😉


3 thoughts on “Monday’s

  1. Friend, grocery shopping is the bane of my existence. I hate, hate, hate every moment of it. If Madison is walking around {which is always a fight to try and bribe her to stay in the cart} then Carson sees her and wants out. Which translates into loud moaning and eventual screaming. If Madison actually does stay in the cart then every time I turn around to grab that box of cereal she has one leg in and one leg out and Carson is laughing. Stress!! Last week I actually I just went at 8 pm when the kids were in bed. It was magical but I ended up spending more money because I wasn’t having to run threw each isle. #motherhooddrama

  2. We have gotten to the point where we order our groceries and split up our grocery shopping. I’m always breaking into a sweat with these kids. It can feel like you’re the only one struggling, sometimes (I feel that way a lot), but I know what you mean! you aren’t alone! Juliette has turned into quite the daredevil and gets a kick out of running and hiding. Torture=shopping with toddlers ;).

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