Somewhere I read that it was supposed to be 60* today. Ha! I swear my iPhone weather  changes every minute. I have got to stop relying on that thing. 😉DSC_1889//^Elijah is obviously thrilled!^^^//

Today I planned an adventure. And every time I tell Elijah we are going on one, he worries that this is going to happen again. #momfail #scaredofbeesforlife #heloveshoneythough #irony #illstopnow

I grew up in Monument, CO and we lived on and near a bunch of land that I used roam upon {without fear} through out my childhood. I think my time exploring laid the foundation for my love of nature. Being outside, exploring, hiking, doing really anything {besides raking pine needles…} truly refreshes my soul. I even take the back roads to work these days because I pass along some open fields and clusters of trees instead of grocery stores and stop lights.

Nevertheless, my children happen to think that going “out” means a trip to Target or Walmart or Kohls. I feel sad about that. They don’t really have what I had {and still miss}. Therefore I am trying to make a conscious effort to give them opportunities to explore the world. We don’t exactly live close to the mountains anymore {they are more than an hour away} so today we paid $9 to go to a local state park.

ellatree//^her shoes make the most adorable squeaking noise^^///

I thought it was going to be warm. It wasn’t. I thought the kids would be excited to be out. Elijah wasn’t and stayed in the stroller most of the time. I thought I could take some good pictures of them throwing rocks at the water. I forgot my camera for the first half of our trip and then my phone died. I thought we could have a picnic on some of the fallen logs. Elijah and Ella wouldn’t stop crying long enough to eat. So…DSC_1872>>>Ella is NOT thrilled and Elijah is smiling for a promised jelly bean^^^^


We headed back to the car. I made a picnic for us in the trunk. Then I turned on the car and let it run idle for quite some time while we ate. Then Elijah said, “that was fun mom!” I died. The end. treeEE


Not really…

But he did say he had fun. Which SHOCKED me because I thought that he was having the worst. time. ever. So we drove through the remainder of the park….we looked at the boats, and found a fox. I definitely wanted to be outside but it just didn’t work for us today. So we made the best of it and with Elijah’s four little words of encouragement, I just might try for some more bee-less adventures. Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Adventuring

  1. That sounds like it would’ve been fun :). But I can relate to the crying when you were hoping for smiles! I have a friend that lived in Colorado and said she would go on hikes in an area in her backyard. I would love to live in a place like that myself ;). I’m still trying to convince Jose to move to Colorado. Even though we were sick half the time during our visit, I fell in love with seeing the mountains and the cool crisp air and gorgeous trees. It’s so funny because when we got back to Austin, Mirabel would point at the hills and say, “Look Mommy, mountains!”. Poor thing, I think she missed seeing “real” mountains too ;). Anyhow, they will treasure these moments when they are older, if not for the actual experience than for the time you put in trying to make sure they had a great time :0).

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