A little piece of my heart

Sometimes…when I think about my dad and that I really only knew him for 11 years, it feels like a long time. But when I think about how many years have passed since I last saw him {almost 19}, it really doesn’t feel that long at all.

But what it always does help me to understand is this: When you are loved, truly loved, by someone and you truly, deeply love them back in return, the amount of time you spend together doesn’t really matter.

Maybe it was because I was young.

Maybe it was because I was a daddy’s girl.

Maybe it was a gift from God…all those wonderful memories etched in my mind.

Whatever it was, my dad is still such a real part of my life, of my heart. And no one in my current life, other than my mom and sister, really ever knew him. Now that is a sad thought, isn’t it?

Yesterday I found a picture collage that I made shortly after he died. I don’t remember whose idea it was for me to make it but I still, to this day, treasure it. It is in a cheesy gold, floral-print frame.  I don’t hang it on the wall but I do bring it out from time to time. My 11 year-old self chose every picture in that frame. There are ones of him smiling, coaching me at soccer, buidling my tree house, carrying me when I was Ella’s age, letting me ride on his shoulders, playing at the park and one with his arm around my mom.

I showed it to my kids for the first time yesterday. And bless their sweet little hearts, they actually really cared about it. We sat there for maybe 5 minutes {and in toddler time that is like an hour} and looked at each picture. We talked about my dad, Elijah called him “Pops” {the grandparent name he choose when my neice was born}, Ella crawled on the picture frame glass, and for a minute, I got to share that part of my life with them. It was sweet and precious.

I am so thankful.


One thought on “A little piece of my heart

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing to have such a wonderful father, and for him to have enjoyed those 11 years with a loving daughter! I know what you mean about the time passing. I didn’t lose a parent, but I lost an aunt who used to take care of me when I was little. She died when I was 8, but it does feel like just yesterday. I can imagine that feeling is magnified when it’s a parent. Sending you a hug. This is definitely the kind of love to be thankful for :).

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