*My* Women of Faith

One of the things that was hardest for me when we moved up to Denver was finding a church. We left such a wonderful body of believers in the Springs. Our time at New Life {me 8 years, David 3} pushed us both to go deeper with the Lord and grow in our faith. We met some amazing friends, were involved in a great young married’s bible study and felt like we fit.

We honestly struggled to fine a church “home” for a couple years. I don’t even remember how many churches we tried. Thankfully the Lord, as He always does, answered our prayers and led us to a wonderful community, Jubilee Fellowship Church. Even after we started going there, knowing that it was where the Lord had led us, I struggled to find women that I could connect with on a deeper level. I cried and prayed a lot, begging God for a community of genuine women to seek the Lord with.

After Ella was born I was blessed to have 3 months off work and decided to commit to finding a bible study at my church. When I was looking at the list, I felt the Lord calling me to a specific study. The first day that I went I left astounded! The Lord had led me to such a safe & Holy place. A place where women are able to be themselves. A place where we can confess our sin, struggles and insecurities and then experience the acceptance of God from one another. A place where people who have never raised their hands in worship or prayed in their prayer language or even prayed out loud actually feel safe to do so. A place where the Holy Spirit meets with us weekly. A place where we are sharpened by one another to become better wives and sisters  and mothers and daughters.

I truly feel as if it is a little slice of heaven. It is a little answer to Jesus’ prayer: 

Your Kingdom come.

Your will be done.

On earth as it is in Heaven. 

This past week we had a potluck to complete the fall session. I have been going now for four sessions! God and these women have blessed my life in countless ways. I cannot imagine my life without this safe place. I am so thankful for them all!

{Photo Credit goes to Sandra, our leader. She doesn’t even know I stole these photos off her Facebook page. shhhhh.}1400643_10202231870494299_1322487896_o 1403714_10202231871174316_1443613274_o 1399806_10202231872614352_1558129395_o 1400259_10202231873654378_727178044_o 902015_10202231875574426_482215583_o 1400479_10202231879214517_1406430983_o 903196_10202231889374771_1697345728_o 1396875_10202231891574826_1655124317_o 1404449_10202231892734855_68282066_o 739991_10202231894774906_66716737_o

If any of you reading live nearby and have the same desires, please do let me know. I would love to invite you and have you join us. There is always room for more!


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