‘Jesus Loves Me’

I snapped this photo last night. Elijah had bribed Ella into being a “good” patient by giving her a graham cracker. It made the nurse in me happy to see him listening to her heart, evidently located just above her belly button. 😉


When it was time for bed, I decided to let Elijah come in and say “goodnight” to Ella {He usually goes to bed before her}. Without being prompted, he turned off her light, put his hands through the slats in her crib, patted her head and started to sing Jesus Loves Me. We sang the whole song to her while both of us rubbed opposite sides of her head. Then he bent down and said, “sleep good sweetie.”

Today I am thankful for that moment.

My boy has a sweet heart. He loves his sister. He knows how to love others even at the age of 3.

Yes, we sing to him at night. And yes, we love him. But God…God is the one that makes the seeds that we scatter grow. Elijah heart is growing some very good. I am so thankful.


3 thoughts on “‘Jesus Loves Me’

  1. Elijah is a very sweet boy and just like his Mommy and Daddy he has an annointing over him given by God. He loves Jesus and he is going to grow up and be a great disciple of the Lord. I love his sweet heart. Grandma T

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