“She’s a kick!”

My mom always tells me stories about how her and my dad would talk about me and he would say, “she’s such a kick!”

And now, as I watch my sweet Ella grow, I can see maybe some of what they saw in me. I may not use their same terminology but she is such fun to simply watch.

I am so thankful for her God-made spirit. It lights up our lives.


She is super sweet but also has a feisty component that she gets from David me. She has wants and desires and is perfectly fine with making them known. I like that. It can be a challenge to parent at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want my children to be fighters (in the perseverance sense of the word) and to know what they like.

She talks so much and just loves to have fun. She steals other kids toys, not to play with them, but to start a game of chase. Ella loves to be chased. Elijah and her even have a name for their chase game…”laughing,”

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.

The other day at lunch Elijah said: “mom, I’m all done. I want to play laughing with Ella again.” He calls it that because all they do is giggle and laugh as they chase one another around the house.

I’m so thankful for “laughing.”

And I am even more thankful for my girl, who is full of life.


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