My kiddo’s current loves…

Ella and Elijah Oct

//Toilet paper–if any bathroom door is open, watch out! Ella will go in there like a quick little mouse and grab the toilet paper faster than you can say her name. She usually grabs the end of the roll, takes it throughout the house and then takes off just a little piece to chomp on.

//Bath time–It turns my “normal” Elijah into quite the crazy little man. He runs around {naked!}, doesn’t listen and is so very happy. It drives me insane and makes me smile at the same time.

//Grapes–Ella would live on them {and yogurt} if she could. If you are having a bad day, give the girl a grape and watch her little lips move as she chews. It makes time stand still and brings an instant smile to your face. Wait, maybe that is just me…

//Firefighting–and ALL things emergency-related. Everywhere we go Elijah is the first to point out the fire extinguisher and fire alarm. He has a running tally of the number of fire trucks we have seen (it’s up to 11 now}. And the other day when I got pulled over {insert a moment of silence since I am no longer a “perfect” driver: _________}, he told me that the policeman would help me mind the rules {ouch! That one hurt a little.}. He also has me take a picture of certain emergency vehicles {helicopter, firetruck, ambulance, police car, etc.} when I go to work.

Ella and Elijah Oct-2

//Shoes–Ella loves to wear them. I know you think it is something that I taught her to like but she was just born this way. Each day she  finds a pair of matching shoes, waddles over to me and say “shoes” in the sweetest little way so I will put them on.

//School–Now that Elijah is in preschool, I see what a blessing it is to him. He thrives with structure and loves to learn. I know it is helping him socially and also teaching him that he cannot eat everyones else’s food {it’s true}.

//Stealing one another’s toys— Ella loves to take Elijah’s toys so he will chase her. Elijah belives that every toy we own belongs to him.

Ella and Elijah Oct-4

//People–God gave me some very social and friendly children. They truly love being around other people and making new friends. Ella says “hi” to everyone while Elijah is quick to tell people (even strangers) about being a firefighter or whatever he is thinking about on a particular day.On a different note, it is very interesting to see how people respond. Some talk back with them and others just ignore them all together. There is nothing for Ella and Elijah to gain personally by saying hello which has helped me to realize that the way that some people react to me also may not be about me. I hope that throughout their lives, Ella and Elijah, continue to be lights in other peoples lives. I know, that deep down, we all want to be noticed and loved by others. It is a gift to see  people and to be friendly…& I am so proud that they both have it.


3 thoughts on “My kiddo’s current loves…

  1. Such a beautiful post, as per usual! Those two are quite the pair. Can’t wait to come and hang with them in a few weeks (counting down days!) 🙂

  2. So precious. I really love that last photo. I know what you mean when you mention some people not talking back. It makes me so sad :(. It’s bittersweet. Mirabel is also very talkative and some people just ignore, evidence of lost childhood innocence on their part, or they’re just plain mean (if I’m feeling judgmental that day) LOL.

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