on life, right now.

I wish I had more to say…

But the truth is…I really need to go to bed or just relax. This past week I haven’t gone to bed before midnight and I usually get up at 5 am. I am bound to burn out at this pace so I really should just turn off the computer!  But at the same time, I am loving how full my life is.

I just finished editing my fourth photo shoot in less than a month. God has truly blessed me. It hasn’t been all roses but I have learned a TON. And in that short time, I have managed to see more of Denver than I have in the past four years. I love that too.

I don’t want to neglect this space; but between photo shoots, studying {for a nursing certification exam}, motherhood, and well, everything else, I don’t have much blog time. If you notice it quiet around here for a little while, try checking out my photography blog. I post lots of pretty pictures from my sessions over there. And just because I am proud of them…here are a few of my recent favorites.

Stennettsm-16 mcguireblog1e sneakpeak2-2 noahblog


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