Growing up and letting go {again}

Today was my Elijah’s last day at daycare, with our sweet Connie, before he starts preschool next week.

elijah and connie

I feel as if this is the first of many life transitions that I will experience alongside him. It is the mixture of joy with sadness that is difficult to describe or even quantify with words.

I am beyond thankful for the preschool that Elijah will be attending. They are able to work with our schedule {especially my 11 hour shifts} and they even sow seeds of the gospel into his life—I truly could not hope for more {except that it were free ;)}. Ella will still be with Connie so at least I do not have to stay goodbye. That would be too much. We happened upon such a gem—I trust her completely and am so thankful to God for her. She has such a way with the kids. She is so kind, gentle, quiet but yet structured and dependable. God truly has gifted her in many ways.

As with many things that “change” in life, I must resist the urge to clamp down and be sad. Change is often good but like my favorite high school teacher always said, “every thing comes with a cost.”  I already miss the fact that my sweet kiddos will spend their days away from me together. But instead of resisting the change I am going to do my best to put my hands in the air and enjoy the ride. 

Ahh motherhood—you stretch me in so many ways.


2 thoughts on “Growing up and letting go {again}

  1. Your son is growing way to fast. wow! I remember only yesterday the day he was born, and holding him for the first time. Now he enters preschool.:) This is the beginning of brand new steps, brand new adventures for him and you Ali. As a Grandma, I will tell you I loved watching my children grow up and going to school. Wow!:) so excited for all of you.
    love you
    Grandma T.

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