Multitasking Troubles

On Monday I posted this picture lamenting the fact that I had made a nutritious, healthy meal for my kiddos to enjoy outside and things hadn’t quite turned out how I expected. Elijah is terrified of bees, well actually all insects now, so he spent much of the meal stressing out; and Ella generously gave all of her food to a starving certain white dog—such a giver that one. Their meals were over quickly so I found myself stuffing my face and wishing I had waited to eat until later that night when David got home.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 9.47.02 AM

So in true Ali style, after making my Instagram sympathy plea, I decided to clean up the kitchen and back porch, make my lunch and breakfast for the next day,  empty the dishwasher and start heating some wax in the microwave. Yes, you read that correctly. I actually planned to continue my multitasking into the evening and wax my eyebrows while the Elijah and Ella took a baths.

Thankfully the kids were already cooperating and making their way upstairs when the microwave beeped. I quickly finished putting the dishes away and went to grab the wax when it happened…

Somehow I dumped all the bubbling hot wax on my right hand, the glass stovetop and my dress. It was a little warm burning hot!!! I screamed. Elijah started crying. I realized I was screaming and stopped. Then I turned on the cold water and tried to be “the calm mom” that kids need during crises. I could honestly feel my hand burning under the wax that had begun to harden. I started trying to get it off when I noticed my skin peeling.

I will spare you the additional details… Unfortunately David wasn’t home & he wasn’t answering his phone. I could tell by the pain and the condition of my skin that I needed medical attention. I called my mom and told her to find someone to come to my house. Then I ran outside, asked my neighbor to watch my kids and got in the car. I spent the rest of the evening at not one, but two urgent cares trying to get some relief and treatment.

dressing changes

Now that it is all over, I am fine. And VERY thankful to work at such a wonderful hospital where I have access to exceptional burn care. As of now I have a second, maybe third degree, burn on my thumb and a portion of my hand. I am very fortunate that I was wearing a dress (which caught a large portion of the wax) and that I did not burn more of my body. I am also thankful for all the people in my life that have been graciously serving me and my family.

To name a few…

My mom—she jumped into action and did everything she could to get me help even though she is more than an hour away. Everyone needs a mom that helps her do what she cannot. And to top it off, she is coming to help me clean my house since I can’t get my hand wet for more than three weeks. She even researched how to get hot wax off the stove and my dress while I was at the doctor—she knew that I was stressing about it without me even saying anything. J

My mother-in-law—she left her job and drove very fast to come and watch my kids. She is always going above and beyond to help us and this situation was no different. God has truly blessed my life with her—she is such a rare jewel.

My grandma (actually David’s grandma but I claim her for my own)—she too jumped in the car to come get the kids and then spent the evening cleaning my stove. It was glistening and wax-free by the time I got home. So sweet of her!

My neighbor—she was outside painting her garage when I came outside a crying mess. I was hurting and could not even think of what I needed to do. She watched my kids and helped me decide to go to the doctor. I can’t imagine how much worse things could have been if she were not there.

 My husband—he left his job, got somone to watch the kids and quickly came to be with me. I was in SO MUCH PAIN and just having someone there to advocate for me was a huge blessing. He has selflessly cared for our kids each and every night this week. He has made dinner, cleaned up the house and helped me with dressing changes.

And there have also been so many of my friends and family that have sent me texts and said prayers. Even my co-workers have been very kind. I am blessed and very humbled.

Truthfully, it is hard for me to slow down; it is hard for me to accept help; it is hard for me to be in need of others. But I know what joy I get from helping people when they are in need. So I am learning… I am learning to accept the help and the gift. I have also learned that multitasking {when hot wax is involved} may not be the best thing.  J


4 thoughts on “Multitasking Troubles

  1. This sounds so incredibly painful, Ali. I’ve only had those minor burns from cooking and they were the most horrific feeling in the world. Can’t imagine a 2nd or 3rd degree. God bless you and your strength! I’m so glad you’re not in that pain anymore and able to keep going (and rest). Hugs, hugs and more hugs.


  2. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help!!! I know it can be hard as a mom, when we think we can somehow balance it all, but like everything else in life it’s so much easier when we accept the help (I have a hard time with this too)! And don’t feel guilty about it either! I hope the pain has subsided and that you’re feeling better :).

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