Our Red Rocks Adventure

I needed to scout out a location for a photo shoot a couple weeks ago so I told the kiddos we were going on an adventure. Neither of them, especially Ella, understood the word but I think the tone of my voice and smile on my face convinced them to come {or it might be the fact that they didn’t really have a choice in the matter}. Once Elijah saw me making our lunches, he got really excited because he loves nothing if not an opportunity for a good picnic. 😉


After our {slightly traumatic} lunch where we were attacked by bee’s {darn yellow watermelon!!}, we started hiking.

I had made a scavenger hunt {see above} to keep E occupied and it was a nice diversion after the bees.
Confession time: I may have screamed and ran around because they were trying to kill sting/eat Ella! “Why yes, that is my child. The one who is now terrified of flies and butterflies because he thinks they are all man-eating bees.” #momfail

DSC_0035rr2DSC_0048RR3DSC_0082 DSC_0099 DSC_0107Some other things I learned on our hike:

//Ella likes to eat rocks–Actually I already knew that.

//Elijah is terrified of sitting on rocks–unlike the bee/insect fear, this is not my fault.

//I may never, ever be able to get a nicely exposed picture of the two of my children. Really. I try. And try. And then laugh at myself for trying.

//I am going to be the only person smiling if I attempt a self-timer picture with my children.

On our way home from our “adventure,” I decided to be mom of the year and take my kiddos to the Denver Zoo. We have a season pass; and since it was on our way, I thought “why not?” We didn’t even have a stroller in the car…Elijah was such a trooper. He walked the entire time with only one little meltdown. We also rode the carousel for the first time.

I love having a season pass because free’s me of any “get your money’s worth” pressure. Plus I can get my friends in for free–I love free!

zoo2 zoo1

Oh and you see that “pretty” peacock above, yeah. Right after I snapped these pictures he started charging at me. Apparently he was a little moody that day…

Something that I want to me more intentional about is planning times where we just go out and explore–which means my house may just have to be more messy than I like. Truthfully I wish we lived in a city where we didn’t have to drive a long way to do it but I shouldn’t use that as an excuse. I love spending time in God’s creation. I love showing my kids new things. I love adventures. More to come. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Our Red Rocks Adventure

  1. This post made me laugh out loud about 10 times. You’re so funny, Ali – and as always, these pics are amazing, that self-timed one you will cherish for YEARS to come, I swear. Those are the best.

    Wishing I was with ya guys!


  2. Oh, gosh! The peacock! We have a neighborhood peacock and a neighbor said they also display their feathers before an attack! i didn’t know that at all, thankfully I haven’t been chased down by one yet ;). I hope your finger feels better! Kiddos out doors is something I’m a firm believer in. Both my kids are angels when they’re outside. Sometimes when they’re fussy, I just open the door to the back yard and they’re smiling again, it’s crazy!

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  4. You are adorable!! Love the pics!! Love that little black eye and love that you were smiling on the timed pic!! 🙂

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