She’s 12{months}!

Ella 12 Month


Ella Year Collage

As you all know, our sweet girl turned 1 in July {I am late with this post again…}. If you missed all the commotion on the blog, then you can read all about what a blessing she is to us here, see her one year pictures here and read about her first birthday party here.

I just LOVE looking over all her pictures and seeing how she has grown. It makes my heart ache and brings a smile to my face, all at once. Ah motherhood! For her last picture, I decided to choose the one where her feet and hands were blurry because it perfectly captures her essence–she is always on the go & equally enthused about life.

Some of my favorite things about our girl:

//eating: her mouth makes the cutest little chewing motions–especially when she eats grapes.

//hugs: in the morning she always gives me the best hug when I scoop her up from her crib. There are also times when I pick her up that she places her ear over my heart and relaxes into my body–I still haven’t figured out how to make time stop in those moments!

//hi: everyone and everything she sees gets a perky little hello. Sometimes, if you are lucky, she will say “Hey you!”

//walking: she loves it. She waddles to and fro just trying to keep up with her brother. She falls down a lot but could really care less.

//headbands: she STILL lets me put them on her. They don’t always last long but sometimes she forgets that it is there. I know I won’t always get to dress her so I am soaking up as long as I can.

//chase: want to get a smile from Ella? Pretend like you are chasing her. She squeals with delight.

Speaking of squeals… When I took Elijah’s 12 month pictures {oh so long ago}, he was in a screaming phase. And funny enough, Ella was also having a great time screaming this past week when I took her photos.

Ella and Elijah Scream

My children are FULL of life–I am so thankful!


2 thoughts on “She’s 12{months}!

  1. So cute! You’ve done such a great job capturing their photos month to month, and I especially love how you got a shot with similar expressions :). So sweet. They will love these so much as they get older!

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