Ella’s First Birthday Party {Made in Colorado}


The idea for Ella’s first birthday party first came to me back in April. I had seen a onesie for sale on GroopDealz (the one pictured above) and the idea just popped in my head–no Pintrest inspired party this time folks.

In the planning phase, I momentarily thought about doing a party to match the Colorado flag colors but scratched that idea when I realized that would mean no pink decor. 🙂

FYI: Girls NEED pink parties. Well at least my girl does.


I decided upon the hot pink, light pink, white, and green color scheme because the Colorado license plate is green and white. Which leads me to the invitations for her party…

Ella License Plate Invite

07 (for July) & 23 (cause it’s the day she was born)

I wish I could take credit for the graphic design {the girl I hired to do it did an awesome job} but I did think of the idea on my own. I had the invites printed at FedEx Office and then glued them to a piece of hot pink card stock. The back of the invite told guests that we were celebrating our littlest Colorado native. Ella also requested that they wear their favorite Colorado sports team shirt or colors.

Fun Fact: David, Elijah, Ella and I are all Colorado natives

I made most of the decor on my own. It was time consuming but lots of fun. I made most of the yarn pom poms when I had mouth surgery in June–it was mindless and helped me focus on something other than the pain. I found a great tutorial on this blog if you ever want to make some of your own. All of the supplies were purchased at Michaels.


1… The favor table. A couple 8×10’s of Ella’s 1 year old pictures. Some scrapbook paper bunting made with green ribbon. Yarn pom poms. Saltwater taffy treats. Pink rock candy {from Party City}, Celestial Seasoning Tea {a Colorado company}, and 4×6 pictures of Ella for favors.

2…I had an old yarn wrapped wreath that I had made a couple years that I disassembled. I added some paper bunting, a couple felt rosettes and a felt pinwheel for an easy decoration. The chalk board hanging from our front door {with pink ribbon} told guests to “come on in!”

3…I finished Ella’s baby book just in time for the party so that guests could enjoy learning about her first year of life. I also used some pink {fake} flowers in cute little vases throughout the house for a pop of color. Most of the picture frames on our main level were also changed to display pictures of the birthday girl.

4…I  made her “Happy Birthday” banner from a template I made designed in PowerPoint. I tied the paper together with ribbon and accented it with more pom poms.


Just like Elijah’s first birthday party, I decided to make a banner using Ella’s monthly pictures:


Anytime I felt like something needed a little more color, I just added some yarn pom poms or some paper bunting. 🙂


For the food, I tried my hardest to only serve food that is Made in Colorado.

Colorado Proud Purp

We had Elk Burgers {which were really just hamburgers and turkey burgers} and hot dogs {for the kiddos} as our main dish. For sides: Rocky Ford Cantaloupe; Rocky Mountain Oysters {really just popcorn chicken}; Olathe Sweet Corn {on the cob}; Boulder Canyon Potato Chips. For Dessert: Palisade Peaches & Ice Cream.


For drinks: Izze Soda {another Colorado based company} & Strawberry Pink Lemonade


Did you know that Ball Mason Jars are also Made in Colorado?

They {along with pink chevron straws} make any beverage more fun!



I made Ella’s birthday cake…wait for it…in the shape of our beloved state. Thank goodness we don’t live in Texas, Florida or California–I definitely could not not have made a cake shaped like one of those states!

Please note: the heart is placed where we live…it’s all about the details people. 😉


Ella did not disappoint when it came to her cake.


She loved {and smashed} every morsel of it!

While Ella busy demolishing her cake, all of the guests played a Colorado Trivia game.DSC_0151

Some of the questions were:

What is the Colorado State Flower?; What is the Colorado State Motto?; How many 14,000 ft peaks are in Colorado?; How many Colorado Natives are at Ella’s birthday party?; etc.

The winner won some authentic Colorado Trail Mix. 🙂

Here are some pictures of Ella’s guests:


And some pictures of me the birthday girl opening her presents: 


All and all the party was a complete success. Ella had a great time…she didn’t even cry or get overwhelmed once! We also had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl with our wonderful family and friends. And…I got to exercise my crafting muscles enough for the rest of the year. 🙂


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