365 days of blessing

Sweet Ella is one today.


One year’s old.

I no longer have to say “zero” when Elijah asks how old she is. 🙂

From the moment that she began her entrance into this world, Ella has blessed my socks off. I know most blogging mother’s say that about their babies, as they should.


She has taught me so many things in such a brief span of time. I have not told many people about my fears I had prior to her arrival but I was very scared. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle two children or that I wouldn’t bond properly with her. I feared that my past sins would be passed down to her and that I wouldn’t be a good mother for a daughter. All silly now that I look back; but while I was pregnant, I felt depressed and consumed with fear. I even had an appointment with a specialty clinic at my hospital for women struggling with depression prior to their babies being born…I never went to that appointment though. In God’s perfect timing, Ella was born the day before.

And with her birth, all of my fears were delivered. Not only was I able to do what I didn’t think I could {have a completely natural labor and delivery} but I immediately knew that I had wasted my time on senseless worry. Our bond was immediate and she is such a beautiful soul. With God’s help {and lots of grace} I have been able to be a life-giving mother to this precious child.


She has such a soft, joyful presence about her.

She is peaceful.

She is steady.

She is fun.

I love all those things about her. I love the way she sits back and takes life in. I love that God allowed her to be in our family. I know that days will come, down the road thanks to teenage hormones, where we will fight. I know that it won’t always be peaceful. But I really don’t care. She will forever be a blessing to our family. Forever a blessing to this world. Forever a blessing in my heart. Forever the daughter of God.

July 23rd, 2012–a day that shall always be a favorite of mine.


5 thoughts on “365 days of blessing

  1. Happy Birthday, dearest Ella! Hugs, kisses and lots of tender love from your fairy godmother from afar. Ali, she is so incredibly beautiful, and I know EXACTLY where those genes came from. 🙂 God knew what he was doing when he placed such a precious gift in your care. Best mom and daughter pair definitely goes to you two. I have no doubt the coming years will be filled with greater and greater reward for your love for one another — so excited to watch her grow. Love you both so much!

  2. A very Happy Birthday sweet Grand daughter. What a perfect blessing you are. Your sweet heart, your beautiful smile. God has given you many gifts.
    Ali, and David you are the best parents. God has blessed both of you.
    Love you
    Grandma T

  3. Happy birthday, Ella! She’s the perfect fit for you all. I know those fears very well. I had them too. God gives us just what we need, though :).

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