She’s 11{months}!

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Only one more month. One more month of these pictures and one more month of baby-hood! Sob.

Not too many things have changed this past month–that I can remember. Did you know  when your two year old turns three that things get a bit interesting crazy!? Yeah. I didn’t either until “he” stopped sleeping through the night and started having daily hourly temper tantrums.  Oy! I think that is why my mind is somewhat of a blank when it comes to my second baby–who doesn’t yet throw tantrums and sleeps through the night.

Basically, Ella is still smiling and giggling like the sweet-cheeks she is. She LOVES to sing–really she pretends to sing–and she even has some great rhythm. 🙂  She is standing up on her own and trying to learn how to walk. I still love watching her crawl though {she is a quick, efficient little thing} so I am really glad that I get to savor this stage a bit more. Playing chase after her bath is one of her favorite past times: she takes off down the hall on all fours; and when I catch her, she gets the most adorable case of the giggles.

She has already mastered the sippy cup and knows how to use a straw. I am so impressed because these were two things that were a bit of a challenge for E. She doesn’t really use as much sign language though. Honestly, it could be a result of second child syndrome because I really haven’t stressed that much about it with her.

She likes real food much more than baby food but she still prefers her milk to them all. One of the fun things about her is how much she likes to put real food in her mouth but not necessarily eat it. She also loves ice cream. I am not sure who gave it to her {me!} but she loves it {that’s my girl!).

Ella you are still such a blessing to us–a bright ray of sunshine. We love you sweet girl!

E&EComparisonE looks SO much bigger than Ella in this picture! It’s pretty much a miracle, though, that I was even able to get a useable picture of Ella this month. She is a quick little girl in her crib. She wouldn’t stop flipping over and crawling around. Here’s to hoping that 12 month photo actually works. 😉


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