Our 4th

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We went to the 4th of July Parade in my hometown, Monument, CO. It is always fun to go back, reminisce and to see how much more intense the parade goers are each year. Seriously though, this year people even had tents! I thought that Elijah would be excited to see everything BUT he preferred the jump house to the parade watching–he even missed the firetrucks because he was so busy bouncing around. Ella on the other hand LOVED it. She was content to watch everything and dance to the music. By the end though, they were both worn out which is proof that they had a good time.

The rest of our day was pretty low key. My sweet mom made a delicious lunch for us all–some of our close friends came down with us as well–and we sat around and talked. Then it was time to head home, give the kiddos a bath and put them in bed. No fireworks for us again this year…I actually can’t remember the last time I went and saw them. It was definitely before we had Elijah. Nevertheless, we did watch them go off over the Potomac on TV {lame I know}. But I do think I have found a new item to add to my bucket list–I can’t imagine how beautiful it is to see in person!

The rest of the weekend was busy and full of the family time that I love. Of course we had our fair share of temper tantrums and such but it really was lovely. I hope that you all had a Happy 4th!


2 thoughts on “Our 4th

  1. We too didn’t see fireworks and I realized that evening as Ian (3.5yrs old) was asleep by 7:30 that he has never witnessed fireworks on the 4th but he has seen them at Disney World and I’m quite certain no place around where we live can top seeing fireworks over Cindy’s Castle.

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