In between.

I kinda love the in between.

One season ending and another one just about to begin. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can slow down just a bit to savor the last parts of the journey. Anticipation mixed with accomplishment.

Right now I am at that place with Ella. She is still my sweet baby–11 month old baby. She is still very dependent on me yet every day I can see her beginning her journey towards independence {oh how bittersweet motherhood can be}. I am still providing her milk but now I only have weeks left of pumping instead of months.  The in between. She is standing on her own but still not sure how to take those first few steps on her own. The in between.

I remember being at this exact place just a mere 52 weeks ago. Pregnant, hot, and tired. My due date quickly approaching. Everything about to change yet not knowing when. Making the final touches on my sweet girl’s room. Worrying about Elijah’s adjustment. Not knowing what quite to expect. It was the in between. 

It’s like the last mile of a race that you know you are going to be able to complete. Or when it’s finally time to push the baby out. Or when you have studied all you can and you are about to take that big test. You know that it may hurt, you still have work to do, but soon you will {hopefully} be celebrating.

The in between 

I just happened upon this fun blog and link party. Click here to read all about it.  I love the idea! Anyone else want to join? Let me know, I would love to read your post.


3 thoughts on “In between.

  1. Stopping by from FMF, and really glad you joined today! All the little, daily moments in between big, milestone ones are what become the precious, almost subconscious memories of what life was really about, and how God shaped us through the ordinary. Blessings to you as you enjoy now!

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