Happy 3rd Birthday Elijah!

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Elijah is not the perfect child and I have had seasons of really struggling with this fact over the past three years. I have wished that he were more obedient or liked to be quiet. I have longed for him to play more nicely with others. I have been embarrassed by his outbursts or when he eats other people’s food at BBQ’s {no lie!}. But this past year the Lord has been working on my perfectionism tendencies a lot. I have been learning to show myself more grace AND show it to others. And you know what??? The more I show it to myself, the more I can share it with others.

Elijah IS full of life–he likes to experience it at a fast pace and he is learning all the time. I truly appreciate how he is ok with making mistakes, saying sorry and quickly moving on. When I look at him respond to punishment or disobedience, I see a little boy who quickly forgives himself {and me at times} without living in a pool of guilt. I have also grown to treasure the fact that I already know that he isn’t perfect.

None of us are. No matter how hard we try to make ourselves or others, no one does not sin or make mistakes. And I think it is better for me to come to terms with the fact that Elijah WILL sin and make mistakes throughout his entire life. I can do my best to parent and model good behavior but I truly have no control. He is who he is. I am who I am. We are all learning. We are all running our race.

And I can honestly tell you that I would never, EVER want him to be anyone else’s son. I am so proud of his compassionate heart that is sensitive when others are hurting. I am so proud of his mind that seeks to understand how things work. I am so proud of his ability to be himself. He is the little boy who stands at the end of our driveway saying “Hi!!!” to everyone who walks by. He is the little boy who loves to hug his friends {and sometimes a little too hard around their necks}. He is the little boy who loves to laugh and giggle and play pretend. He is such a treasure to me and David. He is like us in a few ways but in others he is all himself.

Elijah, I love you dearly. There are truly no words to describe how I truly feel about you in the depth of my soul. 

If you are a parent then you know exactly what I mean.

And just for fun…it is always crazy to look back and see how quickly they grow:

Elijah Through the Years


3 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday Elijah!

  1. A very Happy Birthday to you Grandson. You are the most amazing young boy. I love your heart for Jesus, all your hugs, your gentle spirit, your laughter and your smiles. I love you. Grandma T.

  2. I can only imagine the amount of hugs and kisses this little man got for his birthday. I hope you can add one from us! We love you Elijah! Happy Birthday.

    I can’t believe how much you have changed and grown. Your sweet face has transformed into this little man. Can I have those baby cheeks back for a little longer? I am not ready for you to be this big. Good thing your sister is around to satisfy my Farmer Baby obsession.

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