Buzz and Woody Party

Elijah's Birthday

Tomorrow is Elijah’s real birthday. I am so excited for him to see his gift {!!!!!}, for us to sing Happy Birthday {again} and to watch him blow out some more birthday candles.

We had his party last week because let’s face it, June is BUSY! People have weddings to attend, vacations, birthdays, Father’s Day, etc. I wanted everyone to be able to come and a couple people still weren’t able to make it.

This year we did a small family party with a BIG cake!

Elijah was most excited about having his own “Buzz and Woody cake!” Confession: I did go a bit overboard. I actually went all over our city trying to find the best Buzz and Woody cake and even ordered (and cancelled) three different versions. I ended up finding “the one” at a Target 30 minutes from our house…FYI: all Target’s do not have the same cake options.

He picked an awesome TOY STORY HOUSE {yes, house!} one with all his favorite characters–it was a little pricey but I was willing to pay for it since his party was so simple {I even sent his invites over email}.

Unfortunately Target completely messed up our order and made the wrong cake. 😦 There was no time to wait for another; but thankfully they had made a Buzz and Woody cake, just not the one we picked. They also gave it to us for free… “Free” {& delicious I might add} covers a multitude of baking errors.

Elijah Birthday Cake

Elijah liked playing with the Buzz and Woody toys more than eating the cake…

Elijah birthday party collage1

Elijah Birthday Party Collage 3

When it was time for Elijah’s favorite part {the singing}, he put his hands over his face. Then he blew out his #3 candle and asked for round two. We obliged and he covered his face again {goofy kiddo!}. Then he dug in {literally} and started playing with the toys.

Elijah Birthday Party Collage 2

This was the most simple party he has had and I think it was the most fun. We played some games together, sat around talking and watched the kiddos play. It wasn’t stressful at all! He got a lot of wonderful toys and had a lot of fun. He is one blessed {and very loved!} little boy.


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