She’s 10 {months}!

Ella 10 month

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Well Ella is quite the mover and shaker these days! I could barely snap my camera fast enough to get the picture above. She kept flipping on her tummy, rolling and trying to stand on her bumper. Not to mention how many times she pulled her bow across her face.

This girl LOVES to move around–she crawls everywhere, tries her hardest to stand alone, and can even climb up stairs. She will be walking in no time {sob!}. She is so different from Elijah in this respect. He didn’t crawl for very long and was never ask quick as she is. She loves it and is very efficient. The skin over her knees is even starting to look a bit calused.

In addition to keeping us going, she has started to make her opinions known. If Elijah takes her toys, she will sometimes grunt or cry in protest. When I put her down for a nap, she now cries for about 5-10 heart-wrenching minutes. Let us observe a moment of silence in rememberance of the swaddle that is no more…{sob, again}. She also spits out her food when she is full. Funny, yes. Appropriate, no. 😉

She is still such a good baby though. She is content to sit in the swing with just a few pushes while I chase Buzz Lightyear her brother around the park. She loves to sit on the floor and play with toys. TOYS! Elijah has just started to appreciate toys {at 3 years old!}–thank you Cars and Toy Story. I cannot believe how wonderful it is to have a baby that likes toys.

I know I say it each and every month but she still has such a SWEET spirit. The other day I had to deal with a few challenging, hard, yucky (hello snake in my front yard) situations. After I put Elijah to bed I decided I needed an extra dose of Ella-joy to make me feel better. And you know what??? She delivered. Baby girl has such a fun sense of humor even at 10 months. We played for another half an hour and it was just what I needed.

I am so thankful for both of my children and their unique gifts, even at such young ages. I am sad that Ella is growing up but not really. Being a mom is such a paradox of emotions–I love to see her grow but also never want to see her go.

I love you Ella-girl. You truly are a blessing and a delight! Who would have known how much better life would be with you in it–I am thankful I got to find out.

elijah ella comparison


4 thoughts on “She’s 10 {months}!

  1. I can see her spirit glow a thousand wordpress miles away (in part due to your amazing photography skills, not going to lie). Her spirit really does shine. I’m so glad she came into the world, too, all that feminine sweetness. Wishing you lots of confident and enjoy-ing-y motherhood these next ten months, Ali. That girl is blessed to have you as a mother!

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