Mother’s Day {2013}


One of my favorite things to do on Mother’s Day is take a picture with my babies. We began the tradition the year after Elijah was born. I pick our outfits, get the camera settings just right and then David snaps away. He is actually really good a getting at getting a nice picture.

Mother's Day

mothersday-4Mother's Day 3mothersday-7Mother's Day 2

I love having these pictures to treasure. Not only is it fun to see how the babies change through the years, but also see how my long it takes my hair to grow, ha! 😉

Being a mom is certainly hard at times but always worth it. There are moments {days, really} that I feel inadequate and others where I feel like I was made to do it. The reality: both thoughts are true. It is impossible for me to raise these kiddos without the help and grace of the Lord–I know that for sure! But God has fully equipped me for The Call that He has placed on my life.  I could not be more humbled or blessed by the two gifts that God has entrusted to me. My sweet kids are so full of life and promise. They are beautiful and precious. I am so honored to be their mom.

And just for fun… here are the links to the Mother’s Day posts in 2011 & 2012 


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