She’s 8 {months}!

ella 8 month

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Sweet Ella,

I am writing you this note a little late. If truth be told, I actually wanted to use your Easter dress as your picture this month because you looked so adorable in it. Pink is definitely a good color for you. 🙂

You still are so much fun Elle. You are now doing this cute little scrunching your nose-thing and daddy loves it. You smile at everyone you see (well except older women when you first meet/see them. What is that about???}. As much as you love your brother, I have started to notice that you like to have a little bit of time to yourself to play with your toys. You can sit for a long time just playing with the toys that I put around you. It is very cute.

You have finally started to like eating real food. It took you around 2 months to stop gaging every time I put some food in your mouth. You even like peas now! However, you still prefer milk and drink around 7-8 ounces 4-5 times a day. You have only two teeth on the bottom but your two front teeth are sure to pop through any day now. They are going to make for some cute pictures.

I know I said last month that you were just about to start crawling and we are still at the same place. You get up on your hands and knees and rock. You lay on your tummy and move your arms and legs. You scream because you want to move but you have yet to figure it out. I really think it will happen any day! 🙂

You have such a sweet spirit. You love to be around people. You love to see new things. You love to talk. You already say “mamamama” and “dadadada” and sometimes you even sound like you say your own name. You love to listen to music. You love going to church. The other day when I was laying hands on someone and praying, you reached out your hand and put it on the woman too. Then you started talking up a storm. It was precious to my heart.

You are a treasure.

We love you!


ella and elijah comparison

**This month it was a bit of a challenge to get Ella to stay still while I took her picture! And…this one with her sitting up was just TOO cute to pass up compared with all the ones with her flipped over or eating her dress. 🙂


4 thoughts on “She’s 8 {months}!

  1. Great pic! So there is hope for the kids that don’t like to eat! Juliette still hates solids, unless they’re in one of those mesh lollipop things, but forget purees!

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