the weather man was right…

We got our second blizzard of 2013 this past weekend. And by blizzard I mean, it snowed all. day. long. and it was crazy windy. On Saturday, David had to shovel our driveway three times just to keep up with it. Thankfully though, the sun came out on Sunday and melted what snow had fallen during the night so he didn’t have to go out again.

If you have little kids then you know how much they love to get dressed up, go outside and ‘play’ in the snow for approximately 5 minutes!

Family Snow Day Collage

The highlight of our 5 minutes outside was definitely the mountain of snow that David built and then taught me how to do flips over. So fun! Elijah had most of his fun on the porch with Turbo or doing some exploring in the garage. 😉

Ella was just too cute not to photograph. Her recent infatuation with sticking out her tongue was perfect for snowflake catching.


I could just eat her up!

Ella Snow Collage

I tried to get a picture of me with the kiddos but Elijah was having none of that, “I play tools mom.” So Ella and I tried to pose just as the wind got a bit gusty. While not our best picture together, it does make me laugh. Poor girl had tons snow pelting her face.


Then we came inside for Elijah {and David’s} favorite part: Hot Chocolate!!!

Hot Chocolate Collage

I prefer mine with marshmallows, David likes his with whipped cream, Elijah likes a mixture of both, and what about you?

I hope everyone is staying warm out there.


5 thoughts on “the weather man was right…

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Ella is the cutest little snow bunny I’ve ever seen! Can’t imagine being the mother of these two–you must die of cuteness all the time, Ali. Pics look sooooo good, by the way. So glad you’re a blogger and photographer, feels like I’m right there with you guys! 🙂

  2. Ali, after seeing your comments I had to hurry over and see this adorable post! Sun dress and sandles or snow suit and a hat…..What a difference a few miles makes 😉 Miss you my friend and P.S. I prefer marshmellows as well

  3. HELP ME HELP ME!!!! My heart is MELTING,,,M….E…L…T….I….N…..G… awwww how in the world did I get blessed with the MOST RAD family on the planet and the CUTEST niece and nephew in the entire universe!!!!! WOZERS

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