A birthday wish

Today our first baby dog turns 6.

Happy Birthday Turbo.



It’s true, you know. Once you have a human baby, the dog one tends to take a backseat. As much as I denied it before I had Elijah, things did change after he was born. Turbo even knows it. He has certainly aged these past few years and endured his share of torture {hair pulling, neck grabbing, etc.}. However, we all do care deeply about him and he is the most obedient dog I have ever known.

We love you Turbo, Turb, Turb-y, Turbinator. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A birthday wish

  1. This guy was a sign of what was to come (he has so much sweet personality and so does Elijah)–and showed what an awesome mother you were going to make, Ali. Love him! Miss you guys…..like crazy!

  2. Turbo I remember the day you came into this life (well, maybe Ali just informed me they bought you) and your Mommy was so excited. Times may be different and her priorities have changed, she still loves you 😉

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