She’s 7 {months}!

Ella 7 Month

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What a delight you are…

This month has been much more healthy than last, thankfully. You have started eating some real food {although I have yet to convince you that it is delicious} and are getting your first two teeth {on the bottom nonetheless}. It is funny simply because I have thought you were getting teeth since your second month of life. It’s even funnier because I thought it was a tooth on the top. You certainly proved me wrong on this one sweet girl.

You still love to talk. I think that you have said “hi” and you also say “da-da” but neither are with any real purpose. Elijah even had a conversation with you a few days ago. You pretty much adore him. I see this little look in your eye when he comes around. It’s like you already know he is a different kind of fun. You are also very forgiving–he likes to poke your eyes, sit on top of you and steal your toys. 🙂

You love to roll around on the ground. If you could just figure out how to move your arms and legs at the same time, you would be crawling. I know you will figure it out this month!

Some words I would use to describe you at this age are: patient, joyful, human, delightful, funny, sweet and flexible. A few days ago, you got a little frustrated at me when you kept dropping a toy and I wouldn’t pick it up quick enough for you. Truthfully, I appreciate that… we are all in need of grace and none of us are perfect sweet girl.

You are so loved.

I never quite realize how much Elijah and Ella look alike until I compare them at the same age:



3 thoughts on “She’s 7 {months}!

  1. My dear Ali, the pictures just get cuter and cuter by the month. You can sure tell Elijah and Ella are brother and sister, They are so so cute and what sweet hearts they both have.
    love you all Donna Grandma T

  2. That Grandma “T” always beats me to the comments, but she is right again. I like Ella’s outfit this month; it is cute that her bow matches her britches ~ such a doll she is!!

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