The Happy Wheezer

the happy wheezer

There have been plenty of times that I have been thankful for my profession. Navigating the medical world, with its jargon and incessant acronyms, would be quite daunting without the four years of torture nursing school that I endured. 

A few weeks ago, when it was evident that Ella’s cold was getting the best of her, David kindly offered to take her to the emergency room for me. It was late, I needed to pump, I was tired and Elijah was asleep. But truthfully, I never would have let him. It’s a nurse thing–I know too much to sit at home waiting for a phone call. I need details, numbers and questions’s a sickness I suppose. 😉 {pun intended}

Fortunately we live quite close to a reputable Children’s ER that is rarely busy. It’s a $1.05 toll-road drive from our home that takes about 5 minutes. They gave Ella the best care and admitted her for only about 8 hours. She endured a restless nights sleep in her car seat, several deep-suctioning treatments, yucky medicine and a new “accessory” all with her open-mouthed smile.

The staff affectionately referred to her as the “happy-wheezer” because she was always smiling even when she couldn’t breathe very well. Again, I am pretty sure that is another trait she inherited from her father. When I am sick, I almost always want someone to know I am miserable {and yes, I am the youngest child in my family. Why do you ask? ;)}.

ella's all better

We are all better now {well, almost…Elijah is upstairs recovering from another round with the flu} except for the carpet in our living room. It’s not what you think though… I was putting my stellar nursing skills to use one day while administering Ella’s antibiotic and spilled the entire jar of medication. Perhaps I should have delegated that task to someone a little less qualified than myself. 😉

Also, a special ‘thank you’ to anyone and everyone who prayed for our sweet girl as she was recovering. The love we felt from you all was such a blessing.

And lots of love to both of our mom’s…I seriously wouldn’t have made it through that week without you. 


2 thoughts on “The Happy Wheezer

  1. My Dear Ali, I am so thankful that Ella is better, and E is on the mend. You all have gone through alot but I have learned that God is faithful, and the power of prayer absolutely healed those babies.
    Looking forward to playdates very soon. Love you lots Donna, Grandma T

  2. That Donna is a great Mother-In-Law and I am proud to call her friend!!

    Now, for the serious part of my post…who has the prettiest blue eyes ever??

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