Farmer Genetics

I often hear from most people that Ella and Elijah look exactly alike {as babies} and that they both look “just like David!” I am pretty much just the human incubator and milk producer around these parts….I kid.

But there are those select few people {read: David and my mom} who insist that Ella looks like me. Sweet of them but probably not true since so many people think she looks like Elijah, who is the spitting image of David. Did you get all that?!

So just for fun I put together a little collage. I tried to find pictures of each of us at the same age. related

I do have to say that Elijah’s baby picture truly doesn’t look like him now. I think in the picture above he had a little more baby fat that made his face more round.

I would love to know what you all think so please do share in the comment section below. I think I do see a little resemblance between Ella and I…I did have some pretty big cheeks myself. 😉


8 thoughts on “Farmer Genetics

  1. Oh, this is a fun blog. Ella has same lips, chin, cheeks, forehead and pretty eyes although I think yours are bigger. And yet, Elijah and Ella do look alike. Ella’s cheeks get rosy, but yours were always rosy. Do I need to talk about how you both have the same sunny disposition? As I recall around 6 mos. and at dinner time, that disposition changed just a tad. We shall see…both of your kids are adorable, but I still vote for her looking like you.

  2. I think Ella looks like you except for the color of her eyes, but I can see why people say she looks like Elijah — there are a lot of similarities there, too!

    When Lily was a baby people always said they couldn’t tell who she looked like but they thought she resembled Dave more. Now that she’s older though, everyone tells me she’s the spitting image of me. And Sophia doesn’t really look like either of us — she looks like my brother did when he was a baby! It’s always so interesting to see the characteristics kids take on as they grow!

    Regardless of who they look like though, both your little ones are super adorable!

  3. I have always thought Ella looked like you! I told Lori that a while back and she agreed.
    I do see bits of David in her but, not as much as Elijah…because of course he looks exactly like him.

  4. I have to admit, I think she kinda looks like you. BUT, I am a human incubator, milk producer as well. I commented to Q today that our kids look…the same. AND, like him.

  5. Okay well actually I have to disagree with everyone and you really just have to look SUPER closely and see that Ella looks EXACTLY like her cutie aunt Lori!!! We are exact. We even have one matching eye!! now beat that one. =) the lighter toned skin, well when I was younger because we all know now that I am African, but really we are basically twins. =) ahahahha just kidding of course.
    I do agree with Jaimie as she already mentioned!! I totally see You in Ella!!! I think that She and E def look alike, BUT at this age now I see much more of YOU in Ella!!! Not just making you feel good, but for real. =)

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