She’s 5 {months}!

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Hello my sweetheart. It is almost Christmas and I can wholeheartedly say that you are one of the best gifts that God has ever given me {and your dad}. Your are a joy and delight to be around.

This past month hasn’t brought too many changes.
You are constantly rolling over but then screaming because you pretty much hate being on your tummy {so different from your brother}. You love to put things in your mouth especially your new giraffe, Sophie. You also enjoy looking at the pages of books while I am reading them to your brother. Oh and your feet…you love chewing on them too!

You are wearing a size 2 diaper and you weighed almost 13 pounds at your 4 months visit. You haven’t started real food yet and I am ok with that {I don’t want you to grow up sweet girl}. You still drink around 5-6 ounces {sometimes even 8-9 when you are really hungry} of milk. The other day Elijah tried to feed you a goldfish cracker {without me knowing}. I couldn’t figure out what you were doing with your mouth until you finally spit it out. Oh the joys of being the second child! Thankfully God protects you when I cannot. 😉

Even though I say I don’t want you to grow up, I know it is inevitable. And if I am being honest, I know I will love seeing you become who God has made you to be and doing your hair in french braids. I’m sorry if they or the head bands I make you wear now mortify you one day. 😉

Love you always,


Here are the two of them at the same age…

I used a different picture of Ella because you can see her size a bit more and I have a soft spot in my heart for the tutu she is wearing. 😉

Elijah and Ella Comparison


3 thoughts on “She’s 5 {months}!

  1. that outfit is to die for. when i have children, you are dressing them, ali. AND taking their photos. tell elijah and ella their fairy godmother is thinking of them this christmas, praying for them and their lovely parents. 🙂

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