Playing Hooky

David and I couldn’t remember the last time we had a date {by ourselves} in over 5 months. We are so thankful to have family that is more than willing to watch our kiddos but we usually end up taking Ella with us or using the free time to hang out with our friends. So when the doctor I work with scheduled a vacation for the week before Christmas, I had a couple options:
1.) scramble to find another place in the hospital to work or 2.) take off one of the days that I usually work. Can you sense were this is going?

David and I both took this past Tuesday off {while the kiddos were at childcare} and spent the whole day on a date! It was lovely.

I even took my camera along to practice a bit. I have been wanting to document one of my days with the kids for a long time but every time I even attempt to take pictures throughout the day it doesn’t work–there is already too much muti-tasking going on for a camera to take precedence. datedaycollage

1.) David let me sleep in {while he got the kids ready} and have my quiet time. I love the Advent #shereadstruth reading plan on my phone. But I must say that I still love to read my paper Bible more than my phone one. Anyone else?

2.) I did my make-up and got ready while David took a short nap. I even had time to put on more than one color of eyeshadow, win!

3.) I love wearing my hair in a top-bun these days. However, it is a little tricky to make it look right since I have lost so much of my hair {after the hormones dropped from having Ella}. #4thtrimesterwoes

4.) We made sure to do a little Christmas shopping while we were out and shared a Starbucks drink while we walked through Target. I originally ordered a peppermint latte and it was…well, disgusting! I have gotten a mint latte at Caribou Coffee and LOVE it. But the peppermint at Starbucks was not a good choice. I ended up taking it back to get another drink {oh the shame!} because I couldn’t stomach paying $5 for something I wasn’t going to drink. Thankfully they were fine with making me a creme brulee latte–delicious!

5.) Then we went to Walmart and almost did the unthinkable–walk in and out without buying anything! But then David remembered that he wanted to get Elijah some undershirts. He insists that Elijah needs to wear an undershirt under his t-shirts. Anyone????

6.) After shopping at a few more places we were hungry and grabbed lunch on the cheap at Sam’s club. I love their pretzels and David loves their pizza. So healthy, right?!

7.) We hadn’t been to a movie in the theatre in FOREVER. So, we used some free passes we had and saw Lincoln. Both of us love American History and we both liked the movie–very educational. We got some popcorn to stack on and smuggled in our Sam’s $0.99 drinks. Shhhh.

8.) After we picked up the kiddos we went home. David made some dinner for us {salad with grilled chicken to balance out the pizza and popcorn we ate} while I played with the kiddos. Elijah is very into lining up cars these days.

9.) Ella went to bed and Elijah got to stay up late and build some {mini} gingerbread houses while watching the Polar Express. The picture above only shows about 1/2 of the candy that we had…Elijah’s favorite part was eating the rest. Can anyone recommend a good pediatric dentist? šŸ˜‰

10.) I ended the day with taking some pictures of our Christmas tree. I can’t believe it is already just a few days till the big day. This time of year has gotten even more special with Elijah understanding {and enjoying} so much of it. I know that one day he will grasp the true impact of Jesus coming to earth to free us from sin. But for now, he is mildly infatuated with Santa Claus and Christmas Mickey. šŸ˜‰ I pray, for those of you that read this blog, that God will give you a deeper understanding of Himself this season and that the Holy Spirit will draw your heart towards Him. Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Playing Hooky

  1. sounds like such a much-deserved day of fun and joy! elijah making the cookie houses video that david put on facebook made my week, i’m pretty sure. and these pics just keep getting better and better. this collage looks a lot like this other blog i follow–which i follow because of the photography skills (for real). merry merry merry christmas, favorite family. šŸ™‚

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