Tractor Love

A few months ago some tractors, a steam roller, and a dump truck worked outside the front of our house for a few hours to repair a buckle in the road. Elijah stood at the window for a really long time starring at the trucks and talking about what was happening. I am certain that was the moment when he developed a pretty big crush on heavy machinery.

Luckily we happen to live in a subdivision where a developer is going to be building some new homes. For months now there have been tractors digging holes and moving dirt that we can watch out on our deck. Elijah loves to watch those tractors.

A couple weeks ago I was itching to practice taking some pictures and he was begging me to see “more, more tractors mama!” That’s when I had an idea.

We hopped in the car {Ella came too, of course} and headed towards the area where the tractors are working. That’s when we hit the proverbial tractor jackpot…the roads to the new development had recently been paved and all of the tractors (and other large equipment that I do not know the name of} were parked alongside a road with no one around. We parked the car and I let Elijah explore. Most kids explore in the woods or in fields; but since we live in suburbia, we run around on a road. 😉

Ella slept, I took pictures and Elijah wandered around to his hearts content {until the next day when he begged to go back. Ah, two year olds!}. Then we headed to the park to enjoy the 70 degree weather in November! ElijahTractorFinal-4 ElijahTractorFinal-5 ElijahTractorFinal-3 ElijahTractorFinal-2ElijahTractorFinal-6 ElijahTractorFinal-8 ElijahTractorFinal-7 ElijahTractorFinal-10

I also learned a little something about photographing a toddler–namely, my toddler. He is very defiant when it comes to posing for me. He will say “cheese” for his Aunt Kristi or Grandma T; but when I ask for a smile, I get the back of his head as he scampers away. After lots of frustration on my part, I decided that I needed to breathe and not stress out so much. All of the pictures I got of him on this particular day–actually looking at me–were a product of me running around playing with my boy while snapping away.


3 thoughts on “Tractor Love

  1. these are great pictures. l should tell you that E’s cousin Dylan loved the tractors when he was little and could tell you all their names. I think it is a BOY thing.:) great pics. thank you for sharing. love you

  2. I want copies. You got some great pics. Love the tractor ones and love the one where he is hanging on the wheel at the park. Good Job Al!

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