Playing Photographer {Christmas Baby}

Having your own baby to photograph is the best.

Especially when you have been chasing your toddler around for weeks {trying to practice your skill} and are a bit discouraged with the pictures you have gotten. Let’s just say that I don’t see Elijah signing up to be a child model any time soon, ha!

While we were putting up our Christmas tree {a few weeks after Thanksgiving} I came across a semi-giant red stocking and had a moment of inspiration. Then this past Monday the Red Sea of motherhood parted and I actually had a few moments to snap some pictures of a happy and content Ella while Elijah snoozed away. It was photographer bliss.

Also of note: all pictures (except the b&w one) are SOOC. DSC_0028ellastockingfinalDSC_0056Ella Christmas Collage


6 thoughts on “Playing Photographer {Christmas Baby}

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