What he says…

David sent me email at work the other day with a list of statements that Elijah makes on a daily basis. We are probably the only ones who appreciate his little quips but they made me smile so I want to record them here. 

Elijah has a very cute and specific way of talking right now. He makes me laugh every day{and if I am being honest, want to pull my hair out as well. ahhh, two year olds.}.

Us: Elijah please take two more bites and you can be finished.

E: “Two. No three. Just two…”

{Then sometimes he takes a bite, chews it and spits it out. Technically that is still taking another bite, right?}


Daddy: “Good morning Elijah.”

E: “I go Connie’s and play toys.” {Connie watches him while I am at work}

E: “Where’s momaa?  Momma sleeeeppping.” 

or if I get him up, “Where’s daddy? Daddy at ooooffice. Daddy go work.”


Ella cries in the morning.

E: Ella s’wake!!!!!!  {He runs to her room, peers over her crib and asks her for her stuffed sheep. Then he turns off her music. It’s the same routine, every time}


E: “Hud ju hud ju.”

Translation: “hug you, hug you.”

Further translation: please carry me, I don’t want to walk right now.


E: “Wach fire, peas” 

Translation: Watch Survivor. He loves that show because of the fire on the screen and the animals that they show.


Us: Elijah, it’s time for bed.

E: “7 minutes, 7 Minutes.”

Us: How about 10 minutes?

E: “7 minutes.”


Any time he wants something we have, him ask us for it instead of just saying, “More _____”.

E: “Caaan. I. Have. _________.  {Insert long pause} Peas? SURE!”

He does the asking AND the answering. 🙂



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