She’s 3 {months}!


Hello Beautiful Girl,

I have to say that I love your outfit this month. You are so fun to dress up and this outfit just sort of feel together one morning.  It is always fun to take your picture but this time it was a little tricky to get a clear picture–you were so happy that you wouldn’t stop kicking or moving around.

This month you have really began to smile, a lot! You smile at me any time I say hello or you hear your daddy’s voice. You also love your brother and he is still so concerned about you. He always wants to know where you are; and when you cry, he tells me that you are hungry which is usually the case. You are starting to be more consistent about sleeping through the night. We certainly did not expect to be sleeping so well this soon but we are SO grateful. You are almost able to roll over from your back to your tummy. I also think that you are on the way to getting your first tooth. We will see if I am right in the next few months. You are still a great eater (4-5 ounces of milk every 3-4 hours) and you are happy to be anywhere we go. I know that you will begin to be more active in the coming months and I will miss having you with me at bible study and in church.

Today will be your first day in daycare. I am sure that you will love Connie as much as Elijah does. But I miss being around your sweet spirit while I am at work. You are such a blessing Ella, and I savor all the moments that I have had and will have with you. I can sense so much promise for your life-you are so special.

I love you!


And just for fun again…here are Elijah and Ella at the same age:


2 thoughts on “She’s 3 {months}!

  1. Ms Ella is so precious I am amazed at how much her and E look alike. wow! You are such a good mommy and David is such a good daddy. Both those children are blessings. happy 3 mth bday to Ella love you Grandma T

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