Prophetic Place Mats?

Tonight when I was browsing through some pictures of our Alaskan Cruise on my laptop, I came across an interesting picture of two place mats.

I had completely forgotten about this picture until tonight.

I remember that David and I were walking in downtown Victoria, Canada.  We came upon a sidewalk display of plastic place mats right next to Starbucks {side note: our local Starbucks gives you a free drink if you show them a picture of you at a Starbucks in a different country or state. Anyone else’s favorite Starbucks do that?}. I took the picture because it was interesting that Elijah’s name was right below to the name Ella {which you all know is the name that we had both always loved for a little girl}. At the time I wasn’t pregnant or even thinking about getting pregnant anytime soon. It’s funny how a little more than a year later we have our own little Elijah and Ella sleeping upstairs.

And yes, I now wish that I had enough faith {that God would give us a little girl} at the time to buy them both.


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