Postpartum Shopping

I’m not what you would call a fashion trend setter.

When people started wearing boots a few years ago, I said I would never buy a pair. I now own two.

When skinny jeans were deemed fashionable, I vowed to stick with my boot-cut style. I now own three pairs.

When leggings started appearing in stores, I scoffed. Now they are a part of some of my most comfortable outfits.

You want to know what is even more ironic? I have found that wearing my boots with my skinny jeans or my leggings makes they best outfits. I suppose I am one destined to succumb to fashion peer pressure. 

And once again I have eaten my words…today I went out with both kiddos {am I crazy?!} to use a 30% off coupon at Kohls and bought some colored skinny jeans. {gasp!} Again something that I said I would never wear.

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Oh I am in love.

Confession: I bought two pairs today! Thankfully, though, I went to Kohl’s first. Not only because of my coupon but because I prefer their sizing to the second place I went, my beloved Target.

On a completely different note: I would love to shop at places in the mall or places like Gap, J.Crew, etc. But I have TWO kids now. Both of whom are still in diapers. I need large dressing rooms, complimentary carts, bathrooms in the store and wide asiles. Anyone else understand my predicament? 🙂

This is my first time buying new pants in over a year and the first time after having Ella. I don’t think I have lost all of my weight but most of it is gone. And I needed {wanted? coveted?} some colored pants. Pre-Ella I was typically around a size 3 to 5. Today at Kohl’s I felt like a size 5 fit me the best. Skinny jeans are TIGHT and I didn’t want them too tight so a 3 was out of the question.

When I went to Target, I wasn’t overly ambitious and also tried on a size 5. WAY TOO TIGHT! I couldn’t even button them. I would have just ditched the pants and called it a day but my little Elijah said he loved them.

On another side note: Did you know that when your little boy says he likes something you are wearing that it has the same effect as if ten of your best girlfriends said that an outfit was cute?! Yup, I am a sucker for a 2 year old’s fashion opinion. 

Back to Target. I ran out to grab a different size and thought I surely a 7 would fit but also grabbed a 9 just in case. Friends, can I tell you that the size 9 is the one that worked!? Hello Target! Are you making pants to fit people’s arms instead of legs these days?!? All I can say is that I am sure glad it wasn’t the only place I went today or I would be thinking that David replaced all the mirrors in our house with those “make you look skinnier than you are” carnival ones.

Now that I have come clean, I would love to know any fashions you swore you would never try or any crazy sizing experiences you have had.  Come on, I can’t be the only one who has eaten her fashion words or grown two sizes during the car ride to a different store. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Postpartum Shopping

  1. I too have vowed all the same vows as you. Now, I would like a pair of boots and I need new skinny jeans to wear with said boots. Sizing at Target is crazy, I love Kohls sizing as well especially Lauren Conrad’s line. Have to say since I’m just now dipping my toes into the boot trend I’m still far away from the color jean trend. And yes agree with shopping at the mall with small people even worse when they are potty trained but haven’t mastered “holding” it. And ditto on little boy’s fashion opinions, I paint my nails and here “I like your nails” (meanwhile hubby hasn’t even noticed) or “oh I like your hair today” (hubby still hasn’t noticed I got it cut last week). Happy shopping!!

  2. You ALWAYS look so cute and put together! Making vows and then breaking them is HALF the fun in life. The other half, awesome hair bows and husbands…;) I don’t know about those flowered heels though…they look like textured curtains I think. I would look like an idiot and you would look…awesome.

  3. I am normally a 0-2 and at Target I am a 3-5 depending on what style I am buying! They run small to say the least.
    This is the first year EVER that I have said I wasn’t going to give in and buy something stylish… the colored skinny jeans. Only because I am almost positive they won’t be in style this time next year and it would be a waste of money. But, every time I go to a store and see a mint colored pair I seriously just want to snatch them up. I am still undecided. We’ll see what happens…

      • Okay so I’m giving in and was gonna do it….except everywhere that has mint ones they unfortunately don’t have my size (in the stores or online). Those are really the only color I like in the whole “colored jeans” department. It might not be meant to be :-/

  4. Ali, I needed to read this today and I agree with the above statement… you always look fashionable and put together!

    Confession: I love new trends and trying new things but I ALWAYS drew the line at GLITTER! I said, “it was not me” or “My style does not include GLITTER”… I am now eating my words as I wear a pair of black GLITTER TOMS right now as I type. Ha ha! I blame my Twin sister who does not even know what the term casual means. She is all about the GLITTER AND GLAM and convinced me to try them… what can I say… I caved and now I LOVE them.
    Disclaimer: I still draw the line at GLITTER but LOVE my GLITTER TOMS! 😉

    Lastly I wear a size 2-4 normally and wear a 5-7 at Target! I gain weight every time I drive to Target too… LOL!!

  5. I swore I’d never have super short hair! and yet I love my hair more than anything–and still feel feminine (didn’t think that was possible). humbling to go back on those “never” statements. 🙂

  6. hmmm…I did the same thing with the skinny jeans. I also own some now, but my belly hangs over my pre-pregnancy pants hah! I can’t get rid of the muffin top. Oh well, Juliette is worth it :D.

  7. Oh, yeah, I’m so the same way with trends. I’ve got the boots and the skinny jeans I swore I’d never wear to prove it 🙂 I have yet to cave to the colored skinny jean trend — not because I don’t like the way they look but because I can’t decide which color would work best with the things I have in my closet. I’m leaning toward a pair of the mint (really light) green though. Maybe next spring!

    And don’t even get me started on the sizing of jeans at Target! Glad to know I”m not the only one though 🙂

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