Big Boy Room

A few months back I started brainstorming about Elijah’s big boy room. I knew that we didn’t want to purchase another crib for Ella so he was going to need to transition to a bigger bed by the time she arrived.

It’s no secret that I love bedding and I throughly enjoy decorating. So planning two rooms at once {Ella’s too!} was a delight. I know that some day they will have their own opinions about everything so I better enjoy it while it lasts, right?!

Once I decided to keep Elijah in his nursery room, it was much easier to plan. When I kept flip-flopping between our old guest room and his room, I couldn’t ever land on a firm concept.  And isn’t there some kind of rule written out there about the oldest always getting the larger room? 🙂

Thankfully I had picked a neutral color to paint his nursery that will also work for his new room. Here is a picture of his nursery:We decided to completely forgo the toddler bed because 1.) they are almost as much money as a twin; 2.) I had heard many stories about kids doing just fine in big beds; 3.) We wanted a bed that would last more than a couple years; 4.) Our crib changes into a toddler bed so Ella would never use it herself.

I also didn’t want to make too many changes in the room because lets face it, he is only two and a lot of the stuff still works in there. We found the bed at IKEA {yeah for having one in CO!} and liked it mostly for the style and for the additional storage drawers below. But it was not quick or easy to assemble. I am pretty sure David and his dad will veto any future furniture pieces I think about buying from there. 😉 

I just noticed it is no longer available online. sad.

I found the bedding online from Target. I didn’t get as great of a deal as I would have hoped for but after scouring the internet for something I liked, it was the ONLY thing I found. So I forked over the $80 for a comforter, sham and shipping {gulp}. 

After about a month or so of Elijah’s crib and new bed living in the same room and us talking about how cool his new big boy bed is, he finally made the switch. Our midwife told me that it was important to do it at least 6 weeks prior to Ella coming so that he wouldn’t associate her with taking his bed. And I am so glad I did.

When I was taking apart his crib {to move it into Ella’s room}, he had a massive panic attach and meltdown. Parent of the year, right here! It was as if I was cutting off his right arm…poor little guy.  We started in the big boy bed with a nap. That day he couldn’t stop crying so I rubbed his back until he fell asleep. And then after that, we have had no real issues. Except of course the poop smearing event yesterday but that was prevalent in the crib as well.

But thanks to the poop issue this past Monday, I was forced to clean the entire room {gag!} and then decided to take some pictures to share with you all.

The pillows make me happy but they are rarely {if ever} this nicely staged. It would have looked amazing with the matching sham in the group but somewhere between IKEA, Target and our house we lost it one day. Thanks to pregnancy brain I have absolutely no clue what happened to it…it’s just blank—-

My favorite addition to the room is this cozy reading corner. He loves to sit on the bean bag and flip through his books. I spray painted some spice racks from IKEA for the new shelves and said a prayer that he doesn’t decide one day to pull them off the wall. 

When I want his bed to look nice, I put all his favorite animals and the blankets he sleeps with all in a white basket next to his bed. He hates them in there though. So it is usually a battle to see who has the most resolve. I will admit, I don’t always win.

The pictures on the wall with the numbers and letters are something I made just after he was born. I spray painted the frames and used scrapbook paper and stickers. He is starting to recognize letters so it is fun to quiz him.

The clothes pin line above his dresser is another one of my favorite things in his room.  It is fun to switch out the pictures on there. I have been a bit sentimental lately and put up some of his newborn ones.

And just to keep it real, I took a picture of Elijah at nap time yesterday. His bed usually looks like this and he sleeps with a plethora of different animals, books and his daddy’s golf blanket {It’s a felt tie blanket with a golfer on the other side}. Doesn’t he look small on that big bed?!?!

We got the rail at Walmart and it just slips under the mattress. He doesn’t always stay in that position {hello crazy sleeper!} but I think it does give him security. Oh and just to prove he is all boy, he stuck his finger up his nose for the picture. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Big Boy Room

  1. That was fun Ali. His room looks so cute and you had tons of great ideas. I just love it!!!When do we get to see Ella’s? Nag..Nag…Nag XO

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