Praying for rain

I {heart} Colorado Springs.

It is just south of the town I grew up in and also the place that I went to college. David and I met there, had our first home there and still frequently travel there to see many of our family members. It truly is one of the most dear places in my heart and is currently on fire. 

The area of the fire just so happens to be burning the part of town that I have lived in. When my mom and I first moved there we lived in an area of the evacuation; when she got remarried we moved to another area in the evacuation; and then when David and I got married, our town home was in the area of the evacuation. As I watch the news, I see people’s homes going up in flames that I used to run by quite often and places I used to shop, eat and hike. It’s just sad. Yet, I know that my nostalgia pales in comparison to what 32,000 people along with over 800 firefighters are experiencing first-hand.

Today I got the sweetest email from my old church (of 10,000+ members). The pastor recognized that our {now old} address was in the area affected by the fire. He was reaching out to say that the church is there to help and cares about us. Now I know that we don’t live there anymore but it still brought tears to my eyes. I am thankful that those who live in the city I so dearly love have people already jumping to help. 

I continue to sit in my nice, overly air-conditioned, {currently messy} house praying and pleading with God to send a gentle, peaceful rain upon the city. Windy thunder storms will not be helpful.  It needs a sweet cleansing rain that only God can bring. Will you also take a moment to ask God for this? He most certainly will hear us.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Praying for rain

  1. Sending prayers! I’m just glad you don’t live there any more, but I can only imagine how hard it must be on your heart, and for those who do live there now. It’s so sad. It seems we’re seeing so many more fires these days. 😦

  2. Dear Ali, am praying everyday for God to send rain and squelch all the fires. I can only imagine how sad your heart is to see your hometown going up in flames. The good news is, you are safe,, your family is safe and David’s family is safe. GOD is protecting all the people. Love you

  3. Ali, My heart is so very heavy for all my friends and family in CO. I am praying the same in agreement with you… Lord intervene and send the perfect RAIN to every area being affected by these horrific fires. We do not understand it all right now but help us to always trust in You, Beloved!! Also give Ali and her family peace at this time. Loving and trusting in You! -Katy

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