2 years!

Our sweet Elijah turned two a few weeks ago, then our computer died. We had to take it to the Genius Bar at Apple to find out that our hard drive was headed towards a certain death. I almost lost all of E’s birthday pictures in that moment and truly decided that if the Apple people were truly Geniuses they would know how to fix my problem AND save all the data on our hard drive. They did not–maybe they should rename their staff…

So we left Apple a little defeated and kicking ourselves for not getting around to purchasing the hard drive that we had been talking about buying. Such is life. I was somewhat crushed and David was trying to see the positive in the situation. God love him–I wish I had that quality in challenging situations.

We met some friends for frozen yogurt and then started driving home. I kept trying to start the computer with no luck. I decided to give it some time to boot up and put it in the back seat of our car. We were almost home when I turned around to see it working!!!! I picked it up and couldn’t believe my eyes. We drove straight to Target to buy a hard drive and yes, I took the laptop inside the store with me and started backing up all the data right then and there. Since I am pregnant, people let me get away certain crazy behaviors. 😉

Once we got home and had just finished getting all of our important data backed up, the computer immediately stopped working again. I kid you not.

God is so good. He truly does care about the littlest details in our lives. You see on the way home, David and I had not said a word to each other. He was praying for a miracle and I was pouring out my disappointment before my Father. I knew that there would be a valuable lesson in the loss of all our music, budget, pictures and files. I felt like God was telling me not to hold so tightly to even important worldly possessions. I was trying my best to let it go. Then He did a miracle, a true miracle before our eyes. I did end up getting what I wanted but also was able to see some areas in my heart where I need to let Him shine His grace, mercy and conviction.

I love the Lord for SO many reasons. But one of my favorites is the way that He is SO real and tangible in my life. When I pray to Him, cry out to Him, surrender or fight, I never feel like He doesn’t truly care and I never feel like He isn’t listening to me even if  I don’t get the answer I want.

I remember crying out to Him so many times when we were struggling to get pregnant. I bore my soul, cried, screamed, cried and screamed. I would lock myself in the closet with the same song on repeat trying to have faith even when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. He was so near to me even then. And I thank Him for letting David and I experience the JOY of raising Elijah.

Elijah means “The Lord is my God.” And He truly is our God.

Thank you Lord for creating this sweet, feisty, explorative, loving, funny, silly, smart little boy. Thank you for placing your spirit on Him, even from birth. Thank you for helping us to train him in your ways. Thank you for hearing our prayers. 


2 thoughts on “2 years!

  1. I’m glad you got all those photos from your computer, what a blessing! 🙂
    Happy b-lated birthday to Elijah! He is so cute in those photos. You did a great job capturing him. The colors are so nice.

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