Straight from the can

I always find it hard to start blogging again after a prolonged absence so let me start by sharing something funny that happened with Elijah. That kid is such a joy.

I was making dinner one night, he was hungry (as usual) and begging me for some crack, crack. I always try to capitalized on these “I’m starving!!!!” moments by only offering him fruits and veggies. Usually he is so desperate that he will take most anything.

On this particular night, I was opening a can of green beans when he asked me for a bite. To my utter shock, he gobbled it right up. {This from the kid who has always hated things that are green besides avocados}. I kept offering and he kept eating. So I decided to be a little bit crazy and offer him the whole can {with no sharp edges} to snack on while he worked away on his laptop.

By the time dinner was ready, he had probably eaten 3/4 of the can and I didn’t mind one bit!


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