A newborn sense of style

Ella is already looking to be one of the year’s best dressed. πŸ™‚

My mom made her the sweetest little basket with a doll, blanket and lots of adorable clothes.

My friend Sophie sent me my very first baby gift shortly after we found out that we were having a girl. She handmade the cutest shoes and head band–they are SO precious!

Look at all the adorable details!Β 

Then one of our friends, who is a Thirty-One consultant gave me a *girly* diaper bag for FREE. It was so sweet and generous of her!

Don’t you think that every little girl needs a pair of pink shoes and a tutu,?! My friend Heather kindly gifted Ella with her first. πŸ™‚

Then last weekend David’s sister, Kristi, gave us some amazing newborn clothes. Elijah just so happened to wear an outfit from Kristi home from the hospital so she is trying her hardest to win that honor with Ella too. I am not making any promises but there are two outfits (not shown below) from her that are definitely in the running!

Often times with the second baby you have a lot of the stuff that you didn’t have with the first but you still do need some things {especially when you are having a different gender}. I am so thankful that David and I both have such generous, giving people in our lives to bless our little Ella.

Girl clothes are definitely SO much more fun to buy than boy clothes…can I get an Amen?!


4 thoughts on “A newborn sense of style

  1. I’m secretly hoping our #2 is a girl for this reason too! That and our Em can have a sister!! She already thinks it’s a girl!!

  2. ooh, these are sooo adorable! She really is going to be the cutest-dressed little thing. And I LOVE that bag–hot mama accessory! Gonna have to brainstorm on what her Fairy Godmother could give her that she doesn’t ALREADY have. πŸ™‚

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