God gave me her

My mom is not perfect. Neither am I.

But I am so very lucky to have been given her as my mother.

I often times write about how much I miss my dad on here because let’s face it, I do. I am one of those people who somehow got two wonderful parents. I don’t take that uncommon blessing lightly. And it just so happens that I only had my earthly father for 11 short years.

But my mom, now that’s another story. She’s been here through it all; and since I am, ahem, almost 30, I have gotten to have lots of great times with her. When I think of what I could tell you about her, I have many compliments. She is gifted in many ways, smart, fun and kind. However, the thing I treasure most about her is her relationship with the Lord.

People often comment that helping someone decide to believe in Christ is the pinnacle of service to God. I believe that to be true on some levels but I honestly don’t even remember who prayed the prayer when I “officially” gave my life to the Lord. I do, however, remember the person who daily showed me what it meant to have a real relationship with God: my mom.

So much happened in our lives when I was younger. So much trial, so much pain and so much testing. I stood by her side (often oblivious to how hard it was) watching her walk through the fire with grace and dignity. There were tears, fear, and many hard days. Yet, she never once faltered in her faith. When my dad died, she didn’t blame God, she simply told me what the Word promised us both about being widowed and fatherless. When people we stealing from us and the opportunity for justice seemed bleak, she told me that God would fight for us. She kept praying; she kept believing; she kept sowing; and she kept serving. I know God is proud.

My mom has taught me many things but the most precious treasure I gained from watching her is how to have a relationship with the Lord. He truly is EVERYTHING to me and I would be nothing without Him.

Thank you mom for living your faith and not just using your words to tell me about God. I hope that I can live a legacy of faith like yours for my own family. You are one of God’s greatest blessings to me.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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