My mom is called Nana by all her grandchildren. She originally wanted to be “Granny” but my niece decided otherwise. And to teach Elijah how to say her name, my mom has him say, nnnn-NANA! over and over again. It’s pretty cute.

Last week Elijah and I made the trip down to the Springs to see my mom and spend the day with her. We went to the zoo, ate lunch, went to the park and hung out at her house. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect.

It was E’s second trip time at the Zoo and he loved it

The giraffes were by far his favorite animal there simply because we got to feed them and touch them. This kid loves animals and wants to give them all hugs for the rest of his life. It’s pretty sweet. They are feeding the giraffes lettuce these days. We scrounged up any little piece that feel on the ground and Elijah enjoyed watching their looooong tongues lick his hand. Gross but also too fun for me to care about germs.

I was most interested in seeing how he would react to the monkeys. He is simply terrified of any fake monkey you show him {read: panic, screaming, clinging to me for life} so I wasn’t sure if he would be able to handle seeing the real ones.Β 

But he did great. Most of the monkeys were napping so he just stood next to the window kissing it {I know, germs!} and talking about them sleeping. It was cute. There were some other monkeys inside that were going crazy {jumping from room to room} that he loved to watch.

Here are some other pictures of our day.

I loved being outside, hanging out with my mom and E, and just having a great day. E is lucky to have such a great nnnnn-NANA! and I am lucky to have such a great mom.

Little man had so much fun that he fell asleep with his laptop on his face!


5 thoughts on “nnnn-NANA!

  1. So cute! What fun. Mirabel is also an animal lover.
    You have the cutest outfits. I love the pic of you two on the big chair with the sunflowers! πŸ™‚

  2. These pics are to DIE for! Can’t believe how much he has grown–and how fantastic you look! You are wearing this new little girl so well! Tell Nanna I say hi, and give the whole fam a hug for me! Just love your family, all such gems.

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