My little sweetie

I am certain of two things: 1.) Our baby girl is the sweetest 2.) She loves sweets.

I seriously crave all things sweet these days. Watermelons are finally in the stores (yes!!!!!). I have already eaten 2 and they tasted simply divine. I also LOVE frozen yogurt and jelly beans. Then there are the times that nothing but a bite of chocolate or a small cookie will do. Good thing I don’t look at the scale. 😉


For all of you observant ones, I did miss my 22 week photo thanks to the flu. It was the second time I got the flu this go-around and it was not pleasant. Thankfully this time David was home and I didn’t have to work. Even as bad as I felt, I would much rather have the flu than get a 3 week long respiratory infection. I had one with Elijah and remember how much it took out of me.  And how I longed for just a drop of Robitussin to soothe my cough.


My 23 week picture was taken on Easter ({n a non-maternity dress thankyouverymuch!}. Can anyone else believe how much they mark up maternity clothes?!?! Sheesh. I even briefly thought about getting a maternity bathing suit for the summer {this baby is due in August and I have a toddler to entertain after all} but it was a whopping $70! I am hoping that I can just go up a few sizes and find something that will work at Target.


I am starting to finally get a handle on the room situation at our house. Elijah is a pretty light sleeper so having the two kiddos in a room together is not a possibility. Then I had to choose what size bed to get Elijah {toddler vs. twin vs. keeping our double guest bed}. After I nailed that down, then I had to decide if Elijah would keep his current room or move. I also really, really wanted our baby girl to have a grey and pink themed nursery but it doesn’t look like it will happen. Pink and grey bedding is EXPENSIVE and we have to buy all new stuff for E as well. Nevertheless, my first world problem is just that and it is all starting to come together. But you wouldn’t know it if you stopped by, the new nursery now has two mattresses, two bed frames, a closet full of non-baby stuff and a ton of ironing piling up.

Here is a preview of some paint colors I am contemplating for the walls:

As you can tell I am still leaning in the pink, girly direction.

I think that’s all the baby stuff I have on the brain as of now. But one thing you can count on  next time you see the belly, it will most certainly be bigger from watermelon, a few sweets and the little miss doing her thing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My little sweetie

  1. Great pics! You look perfect, I can’t tell you’ve been eating sweets at all :). I love the pinks you chose. Excited to see the finished product!

  2. I love all those pinks! Wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite, honestly. And that dress you’re wearing is sooo cute! I’m glad she’s keeping you good company now. Can’t wait for her to be OUT keeping you company, too. 🙂

  3. You look so so so gorgeous friend!! For real. I am jealous!! And I must say….. You have the most amazing clothing collection, really. Hot Momma!

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