What’s that you say?

Elijah is telling Elmo a few things:

  • Yesterday I ate some of Daddy’s Tums while Mommy was downstairs folding laundry. I think she had to call the poison control center just to make sure I was OK.
  • I am going to be a big brother.
  • I am not quite sure why Mommy and Daddy keep making me kiss Mommy’s belly.
  • I finally figured out those annoying cabinet locks. Now I can get into anything I want whenever I want.
  • Mommy did just put something new on the doorknob to the crack crack room. Now I can’t get in there. Hopefully I can figure that out soon.
  • I hate the nose bulb sucker.
  • I love eating crayons
  • I love you.
  • Why aren’t you on the TV every.moment. of. every.day?!?!

5 thoughts on “What’s that you say?

  1. so adorable! Wish I could hear him talk to elmo. 🙂 He’s gonna make such a fun, affectionate big brother. can’t wait for him to meet his new sister!

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